RUMOR: Did Tom Holland Sign a Spider-Man Deal?

Tom Holland won’t be done doing whatever a spider can anytime soon if a new rumor is to be believed. According to a series of tweets from accounts claiming to have insider sources, Tom Holland has signed a deal to star in three new Spider-Man movies, plus several other Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Details about the other movies aren’t quite clear yet, but most assume Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars will be among them. The first hint of this came in this cryptic tweet from Cosmic Circus:

Then, a user named Ember, who runs the Culture Spider account, tweeted this:

Spider-Man Updates soon added more detail from sources:

As for what the non-Spidey appearances could be, many are speculating – and hoping – that it includes Daredevil: Born Again, but Alex P. of My Cosmic Circus says otherwise:

Wouldn’t it be depressing if Spider-Man doesn’t show up in Born Again, but She-Hulk does?

It’s important to remember that nothing has been officially announced yet, so this should all still be taken as a rumor. But, Express, and The Direct have all given it some credence, so it’s a possibility. It also jibes with what seems to be the sentiments of everyone involved, which is that they’d like much more of Tom Holland as Peter Parker. A couple of the tweets mention a desire to get Zendaya and Jacob Batalon back as well, but I hope Sony doesn’t. Why ruin that amazing ending of No Way Home? It was the perfect sendoff for them as Peter entered a new stage of his life. If the deal has actually happened, I think The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars are safe bets for some Spidey action. Marvel needs some crowd-pleasing characters to balance out the also-rans it’s currently got in its roster, and Spider-Man is a big enough deal to get people excited about these movies. If it’s real, we’ll probably hear about it soon – perhaps after Black Panther’s Sidekicks: Wakanda Forever opens so as not to draw attention away from future Marvel megastars Shuri, Namor-who-isn’t-Namor, and Ironheart.

If the deal is really happening, are you glad Tom Holland will play Spider-Man at least a few more times? In what other MCU movies would you like him to appear? Is JK Simmons currently being wined and dined too? Let us know in the comments, and stick around Geeks + Gamers for more spider-sensitive rumors!

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