RUMOR: Filoni’s Star Wars Film Title Revealed

It’s a day that ends in Y, so there are Star Wars leaks and rumors spreading. The latest concerns Dave Filoni’s Star Wars film, which was announced at this year’s Celebration. A Reddit thread posits that Filoni’s film will be titled Heir to the Empire, just like a seminal 1991 Expanded Universe novel. This tracks, as Ahsoka literally calls Thrawn “the heir to the Empire” in the trailer for her upcoming series, and Filoni recently talked about consulting the book’s author, Timothy Zahn, about the character’s portrayal. Naturally, this is all speculation and extrapolation at this point. Neither Disney, Filoni, nor any other entity has officially titled the film.

Heir to the Empire

I should preface this by saying that I haven’t read any of the EU, so I don’t have the knowledge or attachment to the books that many fans share. I liked Thrawn a lot in Rebels, so I’ve been excited to see him in live-action, especially since they got Lars Mikkelsen back. There’s a lot of speculation that Filoni is adapting the Thrawn trilogy loosely, replacing Han, Luke, and Leia with Ahsoka and other new canon characters. If that’s true, it’s a mistake. It also makes sense, given the recent reports that Lucasfilm doesn’t want to use Luke as a main character. That would be a perfect way to continue angering and alienating fans. Time will tell, and I want to have faith in Filoni’s plan for the story, but for now, I’m a little concerned.

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