RUMOR: Netflix to Switch to Weekly Releases?

Unsubstantiated reports claim that Netflix may be moving from its current content-dump strategy to a weekly schedule like competitors HBO Max and Disney+. Sources for this story include the Puck News Newsletter.

If this ends up being true, I won’t be surprised. I’ve thought the weekly release schedule was better for a while now. As a reviewer, it stresses me out to feel obligated to binge a whole season to get the review out as soon as possible. As a fan, I tend to enjoy shows less if I binge them, and I remember less over time. I know some people love bingeing shows, but I find it overwhelming, and the content runs together in my mind. It also makes sense for Netflix as a company; this will force people to stay subscribed longer and keep their shows relevant longer. How many times has a Netflix series blown up only to disappear within a month?

But what do you think? Are you a binger, or do you like to take your time with shows? Talk to us in the comments!

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