RUMOR: Temuera Morrison to Play Captain Rex in Ahsoka

According to One Take News and StarWarsNewsNet, Temuera Morrison is set to appear in Ahsoka. However, this time it wouldn’t be as Boba Fett but clone Captain Rex. Ahsoka premieres in August on Disney+, starring Rosario Dawson and Natasha Liu Bordizzo. This information should be treated as a rumor for the time being, as neither Disney, Lucasfilm, nor Morrison has confirmed. 

This seems almost like common sense. I’d be surprised if we don’t see Rex at some point in this series. Aside from Anakin, he has the longest history with Ahsoka and has been a crucial ally along her journey. This is just a rumor now, but it’s a likely one. I just hope Ahsoka is great and helps restore faith in the eventual Mando-verse movie and the coming seasons and series. 

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