Ryan Reynolds Breaks The Internet With Deadpool 3 Announcement

Ryan Reynolds dropped and internet bomb when he announced Deadpool 3 with a short clip on social media.

Reynolds brings his usual sarcastic humour, along with an apology for missing D23. However, the massive kicker was the announcement that Hugh Jackman would be returning as Wolverine, his first official appearance in the MCU. 

Fans have been wondering whether Jackman, now 53 years of age, would be making another appearance as the iconic X-Men character after Disney acquired 21st Century Fox

Geeks + Gamers owner Jeremy Griggs said it perfectly in his video; “This is what fans are dying for: real authentic portrayals of these characters that we love.”

However, Disney has a PG-13 problem after they announced Blade would be given that rating. The original Blade with Wesley Snipes was rated R, and if Deadpool 3 is given a PG rating or is cut to make a PG movie, then I believe it will hurt its earning potential. 

Disney thinks that making films for as large an audience as possible means they need to make PG-13-rated movies. But as we saw with the release of Joker, DC was able to make “one of the most profitable superhero movies of all time” with an R rating.

Deadpool 3 hits theatres on 9.6.24. 

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