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    Can’t say I ever liked it. It’s one of those typical 90s star vehicles built around its main actor playing themselves in a wild setting. Much like Will Smith’s Enemy of the State or Wild Wild West. It’s lighthearted fantasy, but trivial and goes on too long for its own good. Like many comedies / adventure films of that era, the finaly is overblown, and the narrative is suffocated in endless scenes of people yelling and bombastic music. Much like the obligatory noisy CGI battles at the end of each Marvel movie. Many of these films would have been wise to take note of how Spielberg crafted his finales. He often placed the giant action setpieces in the middle (Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones trilogy) and would often place the main characters is smaller, more confined, but perilous situations towards the end of a film (Jurassic park with the raptors, Indiana Jones 3 with the finale just taking place in a room with cups, Jaws with the finale on an immobilized boat).

    btw came across an interesting naval themed movie a while back: Master and Commander. Different style of film, but if you like pirate themed films, you may enjoy it. Has an incredible soundtrack and a fantastic performance by Russel Crowe

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      @Vknid : It’s a different crew making Season 3, Kurtzman went away and wasn’t really apart of it. As I said, “In the case of Picard S3 I think we are getting something different”. The sad thing is if it is good we will get the Andor situation again. People burned out from the crap before it, something good comes out but people are not even giving it a chance or ignoring it all together because they are tired of being disappointed. I loved Andor, as did people at my work, but we all said the same thing I said above. People are just sick of the Lucasfilm K Kennedy disappointment. (probably more to come with Indiana Jones geriatric movie)

      Folks, just don’t be like Doomcock and be childish and rant and deny before something is even out and you haven’t even watched. It’s part of why I quit watching Doomcock.


        So lets start off with introducing my Character as of right now.


        I am very story minded as a rule, but yesterday I was able to find a way to sneak out of the Hogwarts and Start going full Indiana Jones Retard Explorer Mode. With a LOT of Combat. It hurt in the coin making but was great for finding quick travel way-point location and seeing what is there.

        Hint #1 doing that will help you down the road. There is plenty of places outside of Hogsmead to buy and sell goods. For me Once I load my inventory I am going to go sell the stuff I do not need anymore from here out and make bank.

        Ok full tard mode I took on a Troll yesterday level 31 while I was at level 14, took me an hour but I beat him.


        Just had to show it… Do not make me go full Stubborn mode. lol

        My talent level has come along nicely

        As has my progression

        Now we all Heard by now about the Trans-character and the Lesbian one. Guess what did not detract from the joy of the game for me or the story. Yes clearly in their for “THE MESSAGE” but neither were more than quick Cut-pieces. Sure wish that wasn’t in their especially seeing the time period this is set in but these fucktards today making entertainment cannot control themselves its a drug to them and they are addicted.

        Game play is on PC for me and I have experienced no problems playing it on ULTRA resolution. I did remap my keyboard (you will want to for the broom trials) because whateve dumbass set-up there default has never gamed on a PC Clearly.

        That is my biggest compliant currently, being that the Devs need to play it on all platforms and set it up appropriate based off that. I already know I need to remap server more times because of  Potions, spells and simple Commands in and out of different ares such as Map, Talents, Quest, Flight and so on.

        Other than those issues for a Early Access this is as straight out of the box good to go as I have seen in years.  The soundtrack is also really good.

        Ok so lets see others pictures and thoughts on it.


          Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny . What a horrible title.

          If the “action” scenes are as bad as Crystal Skull’s jungle chase scene, this is going to bomb.

          It frankly doesn’t look so good….


          In reply to: The Random Thread VIII

          Definitely NOT on the same level as the Indiana Jones Theme.  Not iconic at all.

           It’s widely believed that Indiana Jones 5 will be Ford’s last time playing the iconic hero–perhaps even his final movie altogether–and that the sequel will see Waller-Bridge’s Helena take up the mantle.

          Personally, I would rather have more Lora Croft’s adventures than a gender swapping Indy character.


          Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

          Clear and Present Danger

          Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

          Star Wars : A New Hope

          Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

          Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

          Working Girl


          Air Force One 1997

          Star Wars A New Hope

          Raider Of The Lost Ark

          Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

          Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

          Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

          Working Girl 1988


          A rumor was leaked by Doomcock that Indiana Jones and Phoebe Waller-Bridge would travel back in time to fight Nazis. They would meet Young Indy, who would then get freaking killed. Old Indy would vanish in a puff of Butterfly Effect. Deleting him from history completely. Phoebe would then pick up his hat and have all of Indiana Jone’s adventure in his place. And then going on to have further adventures on Disney Plus.

          It sounded too stupid to be true. I had blown it off too, having forgotten the second rule of SJWs. They always double-down.

          Then, a few weeks ago some British tabloids ran a story confirming most of Doomcock’s rumors.


          The Round Table E05: Chappelle Drama, Superman Bi, Indiana Jones Time Travel, Shatner In Space

          The Renaissance Nerd

          Oh what a week it was from the fallout of Dave Chappelle’s The Closer to Indiana Jones getting ready to travel through time. Welcome to The Round Table!


          In reply to: James Bond

          Why Are We Fighting Over The Next Bond? Lashana Lynch Is Right There

          The film marks the end of Daniel Craig’s turn as the beloved James Bond, and thus, has re-sparked the never-ending debate over the future of the franchise — namely, who should replace Craig.

          Correct, who should be the next JAMES BOND!

          The franchise should already have its answer since No Time To Die opens up a whole new world of possibilities for its next 007:

          Wrong.  We are looking for the next JAMES BOND!

          Not the next 007.

          …the possibility of learning more about Nomi in a substantial way is slim to none given the franchise’s track record.

          Don’t you remember the movie “Die Another Day”, and the spy Jinx Johnson played by Halle Berry?

          They were going to make a spin-off of her character… and it died as fans and the PAYING customers WANTED more JAMES BOND.

          And not a knock-off.

          So if an actress who IS as talented as Halle Berry, and as popular/likeable as her could not get her own spy movie, what makes you think this unlikable character and actor can?

          “[Bond] can be of any color, but he is male,” stressed Bond producer Barbara Broccoli…”


          “I believe we should be creating new characters for women — strong female characters. I’m not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are far more interesting than that.”

          Correct yet again!

          Broccoli isn’t necessarily wrong in that; remixing characters doesn’t always lend to the best version of a story, and women do deserve their own original narratives.

          Sadly, too many studios are too lazy to do the work, and just gender-swap.  Be it for movies, TV, comics, etc.

          However, in the post-Craig Bondverse, there would be no need to gender-bend the protagonist because his replacement is already so close by. Lynch’s Nomi …

          Is not BOND.  Will never be James BOND.

          We want to see adventures of JAMES BOND!

          Why is that something morons like this writer can’t understand?!?


          As many have said, if James Bond is permanently dead, so TOO is the James Bond franchise.

          Just like you CAN’T have an Indiana Jones franchise WITHOUT Indiana Jones!

          Or a Jaws Franchises WITHOUT JAWS!

          Or a Godzilla franchise WITHOUT GODZILLA!


          The next best they can do with this Nomi character is do exactly like they did at the start of Octopussy… have the MI6 agent DIE within the first few minutes of the film, and have it the story of how JAMES BOND got recruited and became 007!

          Now that is a film I would watch.

          But a whole film based on Nomi as 007… FUCK NO!

          JAMES BOND IS 007!

          That is how Ian Fleming wrote it.  That is how he wanted it.  That is how I want it!



          In reply to:

          While my brother and his family have visited several times, I too have never been, and never will.

          1. Disneyland is located in Kommifornia.

          2. I do not have the budget to afford such a trip/vacation.

          3. I would have to get a passport (of which I have never had, prior to 9-11, when I had to cross the border via car or train my driver’s license WAS my ID.)

          4. I am of the age where most of what they offer I am no longer interested in.

          5. I would have to pay for a WOKE corporation that has ruined Star Wars, is ruining the Meh-She-U, looks be to ruining Indiana Jones, etc.


          So No.  I don’t think I will ever visit DisneyLand.  Same for DisneyWorld and any other such locations around the world.


          Several u-tubers are commenting that KK so desperately wants to push her agenda, and the fact rumours are the crew of the Mandalorian are about to erase the Disney trilogy from canon, that KK is gonna burn down the Indiana Jones franchise in part revenge/in part to push her agenda.

          She WILL kill Mr.Jones, both in character and in what he has accomplished, and time travel back to where Indy never got the fedora hat nor began his adventuring days.

          That is, if the rumours are true.


          Hopefully, if the rumours ARE true, that the higher ups see how horrible this shit piece of film is, they decide to NEVER release it in any form…


          Star Wars
          Star Trek
          Indiana Jones
          Dr. Who
          James Bond

          “How does it feel to have lived long enough to see all your favorite franchises go down in flames?”  Also, if you think this is all just wokeness, you are a fool.  This is called cultural subversion.  It is a military tactic.  Fascist use this technique.  Remember what Mussolini said Fascism really is?  He said it is corporatism and nothing is more corporate than Hollywood and the MSM.



          The jokes are great. “No Time to Care.” Az and Rippa said that it’s only white male characters that have the significance to replace as roles. One thing about this, is that I am a DUNE fan because Dune made it’s own characters with the whole Valkyrie and Amazon intention and the dope Rebecca Ferguson still slammed the story. If a person wants to make strong female characters, then by all means, do it and do it well and I thought DUNE did that with a lot of style. The problem with the gender swapping is that it comes off like communism or the Taliban. Has nothing to do with the character and only with deconstruction.

          Sisterhood of DUNE is coming out soon. If you are into female characters, there is a show called Motherland: Fort Salem, where almost every character is a warrior military witch. See? That is a well done show. It does not need to mess with James Bond or Indiana Jones. You would think they would just make another Laura Croft movie and leave Indiana Jones alone. Same thing with James Bond, as they could have made other Black Widow movies. Black Widow could have been a whole female assassin franchise. Same with Red Sparrow or La Femme Nikita. If they writers were really into female characters and female franchises, they would not have any need to destroy white male characters. I think it was Nerdrotic who says there is some kind of 4-D chess by the commies to ruin the actual fanbase and audiences of the western white male leading man characters.

          Biggest problem I have with gender swapping is that it neglects existing female character brands like: Laura Croft, Red Sparrow, La Femme Nikita, Black Widow, Red Sonja, Agent (Peggy) Carter, etc. There could be entire Extended Universes given to those females characters if the writers actually cared about women and were focused on powerful women. Look at how The Kingsmen Franchise popped up and did the whole spy thing away from James Bond. The only thing that makes sense is that they hate white men more than they like powerful women.


          10 Things You Didn’t Know About Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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