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    Shell Company?  What shell company?

    Legal Expense = anything paid to a lawyer for for services rendered.  That is exactly what happened.  They got a bill for legal services, they paid for the legal services, and they posted it into their account system as a legal expense.

    So if anyone should be convicted, would it NOT be the person who entered and the person who approved entering a “legal expense” as a “legal expense”?

    A CEO or president or any such position in large corporations don’t have the time or expertise to micromanage every employee.  They hire people to manage those things.  So a book keeper, seeing an invoice from a lawyer they use for “legal expenses”, when it gets to their desk after it was been approved by their higher ups (an accountant), would enter it as “Legal Expense”.  I don’t recall anything in general accounting principals that there is an entry for “blackmail” or “extortion” or “ransoms”.

    And once again, this was paid by the Trump Organization from their funds.  Not their campaign funds.  So this was NOT a campaign violation.

    Once again, they statue of limitations had past, and the government organizations that review and can lay charges all declined as it was a non-issue.  But for an activist DA (who campaigned on getting Trump – a clear election interference), will a judge whom too is anti-Trump, made judicial juggling to get a conviction in an anti-Trump district/jury.  Conviction of trying to cover up a crime, which they never specified what (since there never was one, and the jury can imagine and not have to agree what  that crime that was covered up… BS).


      There are a lot of similar looking Sci-Fi movies out there.  Stuck on a moon.  Stuck on a planet.  Stuck in a ship etc.

      Moon looks like one of those.  But I gave it a shot because the actor in it (Sam Rockwell) is insanely good.

      I watched it and within 10mins I was sucked in.  I watched it to the end and I wanted more.

      There was 1 thing that could have been explained that wasn’t and then they threw a smidgen of politics at the end but if you like a good Sci-Fi this movie is great.

      This movie fools you into thinking it is a run of the mill scifi movie.  And then it shifts.  And then you HAVE to watch.

      9/10 for me.

      Why Stellar Blade Is The Most Important Game. My Most Brutal Take.

      Every Single One of these Main stream media & Games Journalists are ABSOLUTE LIARS about Eve & her portrayal in Stellar Blade. Most of these absolute degenerate losers have admitted to not having played the Stellar Blade demo, yet they sit there & criticize the game all day while they shame the real human biological woman that Stellar Blade’s Eve was modeled after. They have a copy paste mentality filled with regurgitated thought pieces that falls apart with the most minute scrutiny.

      In this Stellar Blade video, I show you ALL that Stellar Blade’s Eve is not overly sexualized, real breasts DO jiggle, if you spent any time with a Woman, you would know that. There is absolutely no nudity with any of her outfits, not even the “skin suit” Keep in mind this is the Demo & once Stellar Blade is fully released in 20 days, we will have a lot more outfits. But wait there is MORE.

      Once you beat the demo, you get access to Stellar Blade’s Boss Challenge mode where they give you 3 more outfits to wear. All 3 still cover her body, 1 is a complete body covering dive suit where everything from the neck down is 100% covered. You also have a street attire ensemble with heels, a jacket & Jeans. If you pay attention to the cutscenes after you beat the boss you will see a bunch more outfits that cover EVEN MORE of Eve’s body, you can see a very frilly red blouse.
      Most people pay more attention to the actual game when they are playing & then we take peak breaks. Not because “the Horny” but because she does look that good that we just want to look at her. A real woman was scanned in for Stellar Blade’s Eve. Next, don’t ever forget the freaks that drooled all over themselves when they were looking at Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu saying a bunch of degenerate things, keep in mind she is a corpse. Or what about Baldur’s Gate 3, remember how ALL the hype for the game came when they showed the Bareback Bear scene? But we can’t have Stellar Blade’s Eve?
      Because They hate the Norm. They love & praise sexual deviancy but they always attack the heteronormative stuff. Nobody likes these people & the ones that do are vile & are emotionally out of control. Don’t forget, a certain Editor in chief at Kotaku was an OF content creator & Sex Worker & she is openly proud of it & said she would gladly go back to it if she fails at game’s journalism because at least she gets better pay.
      It’s completely insane. These men talk about feminism while they tell women how to they should look & act. We’ve had enough. Lastly, youtube just age restricted this video with no ability to appeal it. They did the same thing with the last manually reviewed & restricted video, but I was able to contest it & won. I guess they weren’t pleased with the other guy’s decision to accept my appeal so they screwed me on this one. Please help me by LIKING the video, comment & share it because Youtube will not show this & I will not get any monetization out of it. If you can watch one of my non restricted videos, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

      Because Of Sweet Baby Inc Games Like Tales Of Kenzera Zau Will.
      Fail I absolutely hate the state of video games today.
      We have activists that have completely ruined the experience of EVERYBODY & NOBODY is playing the games that get ruined by the likes of Sweet Baby Inc. I have been hyped for a game called Tales Of Kenzera Zau that was revealed last summer & it’s finally coming out in a month. I will be buying the game because I like the look & idea behind the game. What I don’t like however is that the game has been touched Sweet Baby Inc. Thus getting it put on the Sweet Baby Inc Detected Curator page. What this means is that the game is most certain to fail JUST because of SBI. I 100% understand why people do this & I support them for protesting the agenda.

      But things are a bit complicated because based on everything I have seen & my interactions with Tales Of Kenzera Zau’s creator Abubakar Salim, I do not think he was aware of Sweet Baby Inc’s behavior & history. SBI did not work on the game, the screenshot from SBI did not give any indication of what they did on the game & they are open about what they worked on. Abubakar is an African man, he made a game about his African culture & the mythology of Africa.
      He also made the game to honor his father. So tell me, what narrative could these French Canadians, black, white, whatever, what could they teach him about blackness, being African or his culture, what can they “Enlighten” him on or about? NOTHING. I think all they did was help him get seen & published by EA. Further evidence of his cutting ties (to an extent) is that if you go to the Sweet Baby Inc website, his game is not listed & they scrubbed all existence of Tales Of Kenzera Zau. I checked other sites like ICO that is another SBI company, no traces. I have also communicated with Abubakar & got his permission to publish our short communication history.

      I want this game to succeed & hopefully that will get other games devs to see that we do want diversity in games, but we do not want agendas & activists to harass, attack & slander us. I am playing a game called WANTED:DEAD & it is incredibly diverse & the game is so fun & there is no brow beating or activism going on. I did not talk about all the evil that has been happening such as the Corporate bullying & harassments & threats of violence & attempts at doxing & most recently the lawsuit threats for people that discuss the evil. I did not want their evil energy any more on me, but I recommend you guys check out a friend of the channel, that has been speaking more on the details in a very balanced & level head,  @saladinho1st  Lastly, I am a Montreal Canadian & most of the big players on the Activist’s side have blocked me including Kim who is the owner of Sweet Baby Inc, Alyssa Mercan’t & a bunch of other Corporate bullies have blocked me. It is dangerous for my future to discuss them because they are aware of me & they keep tabs on who they consider their enemies & all I did was call them Corporate bullies that are now protected by the Canadian Government. If you are protected by the government, you are already on the wrong side. There are also lists going around to get people blacklisted so they do not work in the entertainment & gaming industry & that is pure evil & is 100% corporate bullying.

      Things  are  already crazy & every day we see something new & absurd like they now want to ban Review channels?! WTH, they want 100% censorship & they think they are the good guys lol.
      Thank you for watching & reading.


      In reply to: Cabrini

      Eduardo talking to Jack. Vasegui and Monteverde seem to be masters at creating art into wedge issues. Really feel like this movie was made for feminists and yet, feminists are the very ones that are hostile to it, according to the Sound of Freedom producer.

      Maybe it’s because this story took place over a 100 years before there was talk of “female empowerment,” and she was such a high achiever with her group of nuns devoted to service. She definitely did not need some kind of mortal motivational language. Critics of the critics bring up the point that life was much more challenging then, so if she comes off a bit tough, it’s because people were like that in general back then. Just trips, by horse, train or boat were time-consuming. No airlines yet.

      Gotta say that some of today’s directors like Alejandro Monteverde, Denis Villeneuve, Robert Eggers, Neill Blomkamp and others are really impressing me lately just in the story-boarding panelization of the concept art camera shots they are able to line up in their films. Don’t know what’s wrong with me because I was never much into art-house, but really think these guys would be respected by Orson Welles and David Lean.

      Despite being a critic of the film, I think the actress should at least be nominated. She did a great job. Also, despite that I agree with the critics, I would see it again. It’s slow though. I agree with the first ladies review in almost all ways.

      Modern movies with “strong female leads” often emphasize a character’s physical strength or appearance and their ability to discover themselves and take on the world. I got the chance to see Cabrini, which is about a celibate Catholic Religious sister serving the poorest of the poor Italian immigrants in New York — and being a true mother to the orphaned and lost. Today I give my take on how this film shines in revealing the apex of femininity through displaying the counter cultural and heroic work of St. Francis Xavier Cabrini. I share some of my thoughts on the production of the film, compare its themes juxtaposed to other recent films with strong female leads like Barbie, and take you through some of my favorite scenes from the film. I also share my thoughts on what I would have loved to have seen more in the film.



      In light of the recent push to make the place to be, I wanted to make a thread on how the website could be improved to help get people engaging more. I know some of this stuff may already be happening internally and under consideration, but I wanted to blather about it and maybe other people have ideas/ thoughts on the matter! Exciting times in these parts for sure.


      My main problem with this site currently is it’s a little bloated, it’s hard to find where the action is. Instead of having to go to the forum dropdown and select recent topics, it would be great if there was just “FORUMS” and it was one buttons, and from there it shows you just Four Forums: General, Games, Sports, Reviews. Having lots of forums and lots of links just makes things muddy and makes the site seem hard to navigate and not feel very alive. Also the forum button could be moved to the left to make it more prominent. Seems like the meat and potatoes of this website and why people come here are for the front page news and for the forums, those should be easy to get to and they should feel  alive! No one wants to feel like they’re in a ghost town, see forums with posts that are 6 months old, it makes you think the website is old news.

      As opposed to an “entertainment” tab why not make reviews for products all in one place and put it in the forum so there’s more engagement. This feels like it would be more in line with the communal aspect of this organization. Reviewers could still make quality content but it would all be more easily found and feel more alive if it was in a forum where people are more likely to engage with the content and have their say.

      The sports tab could be tucked away somewhere as that doesn’t seem to have much energy these days, this site is great about talking modern day cultural drama, that’s the real strength here. Social button could be done away with, the front page does a better job of showing what’s trending. Contribute could be put under “support us”.


      So if the forums were greatly consolidated, easier to find, and a lot of the “fluff” that kinda fell off was done away with this site would be a lot slicker and more fun to use.

      Also the site is slow as balls but that goes without saying and hopefully that gets fixed :P

      Just some ideas, if anything on this site has annoyed you or think could be better feel free to share your thoughts.

      Minor Nitpick: The “keep log of this edit” feature is kinda annoying, i’ll keep that checked just to show that it kinda just bloats this whole posting experience and then you feel like a moron for having this log of all the edits you’ve made shown to the world. Also not sure the tags are necessary when making any post. Again, just a lot of bloat. Lots of hard work went into this site and that’s commendable, but it’s just gotta be a bit more streamlined and fun to get into.

      P.S. I know fixing this stuff isn’t as easy as waving a wand and everyone’s a critic, and the current setups at one point made a lot more sense, but just putting my 2 cents out there!


        I’m done responding to this thread. Not taking the bait.

        Have a good life everyone.

        So dude, let’s be clear here a second. YOU started this thread. YOU are the one who wrote near novel length reply after reply after reply. But, now that someone puts your words to the test, you are done responding? Ok. You can do as you please. But, it’s rather pathetic. @Vknid is 100% correct on what he said, but you want to run away when he states the obvious. Hey, I don’t like bickering a conflict, drama, etc. I really despise it. I am NOT “coming at you”. But, much of what you have had to say is suspect. You now admit you don’t even read the comics, so I fail to see how you can even have a proper full opinion on it all then. Grace Randolph recently made a video reviewing The Suicide Squad game that just came out, but has never played it at all. That’s sort of the same thing man. You said “The culture Rippa has fostered in his company is very destructive to anyone who doesn’t support his venture 100%” and I would disagree 100%. Rippa isn’t destructive, he is mostly a positive force in culture. Sure, he has more to learn and grow, he has stumbled a bit and could do with putting the drama off camera, but the guy has heart and is simply trying to create something that the industry is vastly missing. Something I grew up on with comics in the 80’s and 90’s. Non-woke, no identity politics, no agenda, just comics you like to see and read and enjoy.

        You can disagree with Rippa and things about him, but a lot of what you have said is stuff you can’t really honestly know anything about.


        In reply to: Addressing Issues

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        Your philosophical mistake is that you believe only if you can define it (and it’s not even you it’s scientists you put faith in) is it real.  You leave zero room for “what if I am wrong”, “what if scientists are wrong” , “what if there is something I don’t know” and so on.

        The reason abortion debates never cease to exist is because no one can say for 100% when life begins, it’s all philosophy. It cannot be measured by science, but science can be used as a measure after you have your philosophical argument. It’s true, I can not prove life begins at consciousness and you can’t prove it starts at conception. I have said many times that I can always be wrong, let’s say if scientists discover development of consciousness at 8 weeks or something. But my philosophical framework still stands the same, just the vehicle I use to determine the closest possible time has to be readjusted.

        The thing is, it cannot ever be fully determined when it begins. It’s a question of philosophical framing, what people think is necessary to determine when life starts. I have presented my framework and you are free to attack it, like I’m asking questions to review your framework.

        At conception, sperm meets egg, you have 2 halves coming together to make a unique whole.  You have a unique person (set of genetic attributes) that has never existed and will never exist again.  This happens at that point and that is why that po0int matters.

        You answered past my question, so I will ask again. What is it at conception that makes it a living human being? I am not asking what conception is, I am asking why you believe this is the moment that defines when it starts. It seems like DNA is what you go by, and I’m wondering why? DNA is found in dead people long after dying, are people getting buried alive during their funeral? Why does your criteria change between life and death suddenly?

        Also, the process of conception is explained via science. What if scientists are wrong?

        You are trying to split hairs down to an atomic level because you want to wave your magic “not a human” wand so that people are not inconvenienced by their own choices.

        I believe details are important when discussing matters. I’ve had enough of conversations where people gishgallop and throw 8 different arguments and when the arguments are thoroughly reviewed one by one, they don’t defend the argument but throws 10 more arguments that look reasonable at first glance.

        I’m not saying you do it, but I’ve had a fair share of those discussions here. I’m just saying details are important.


          All I want is to hear why these are ”facts”. Based on a framework or anything other than ”it just is like that because I think it is like that”.

          Your philosophical mistake is that you believe only if you can define it (and it’s not even you it’s scientists you put faith in) is it real.  You leave zero room for “what if I am wrong”, “what if scientists are wrong” , “what if there is something I don’t know” and so on.  This is not perusing Amazon reviews looking for the best Bluetooth headset.  This is life and death. In your mindset you are possibly murdering people by the thousands daily based on your faith in science.  Something that can and has been bought before and is wrong far more than it is right.  You speak often to inclusion, compassion and respect, up until the point it is personally inconvenient then rationalizing murder is OK. You are not for good or right.  You are for what benefits you.

          It is an absolute fact that a baby in early stages is a unique human being.    It is a fact it would grow into an adult person if left to be.  You are trying to split hairs down to an atomic level because you want to wave your magic “not a human” wand so that people are not inconvenienced by their own choices.

          Why is it at conception? Appealing to potential, sperm is a potential life too. What exactly is it at conception that happens which starts the motion and makes it a living human being? What is it that differentiates that moment from stages immediately prior and after? Basicallt, why do you draw the line at that moment?

          I have explained this many times through this exchange.  You are not stupid in the least.  It’s not that you cannot understand, you don’t want to because of the ramifications.

          At conception, sperm meets egg, you have 2 halves coming together to make a unique whole.  You have a unique person (set of genetic attributes) that has never existed and will never exist again.  This happens at that point and that is why that po0int matters.

          If you have not understood by now I am not parroting talking points I have heard and I am explaining my own thoughts I am not sure what else to do on that point. I do not talk about things I have not researched or put thought into.


          And I could argue you want to make women who get raped unwillingly baby pumping machines yet you are morally okay with that. It definitely is an appeal to emotions, the ”think about all the babies you are murdering” without establishing why they are babies is just trying to convince me through emotions of murdering a baby.

          Do you wish to discuss actual points of consequence so as to learn things (bidirectionally) or do you want to lob ignorant charges that have never been mentioned?  How could a raped woman be a “baby machine”.  That makes no sense and you are veering off into disingenuous silliness.

          Murdering a child, a potential human person, does not erase a rape.  It does not make rape better.  Life is full of hard things, we are all tested daily and sometimes to the brink.  Murdering a child does not stop this.  Doing the right thing is almost never easy nor do you get an award for it or a prize. The right thing is a selfless act and it does not end up with someone clapping for you or telling you how great you are.

          Life is fckin hard. It always has been and always will.  If we equate easy to right you will end up in a world where nothing matters and no one is of any value.  This is what you are advocating for.  Don’t even think what this means now, think about what it means later.

          Philosophically speaking, there is no middle ground.  It all means something or nothing means anything.  Have the foresight to consider the logical conclusions of what you propose.

          I understand that I am being somewhat aggressive here.   This is intentional.  I am for life.  I am for good. Sure, I stumble all the time.  But I try.  The goal of perfection is never attained.  What matters is you keep trying.  I want the same for you.  I want you to do what I consider right so you too can feel peace and joy.  I wish the same heaven for you I wish for me.


          Thanks for replying Vknid.
          So I want to be clear, I am an artist, I like artistic stuff even if at times (more often than not) it is very progressive. It’s unfortunate but there are not many more conservative people making creative movies like this. I am also a content creator.
          I balance my point of views & I review movies strictly as a Reviewer, I leave my politics at the door, I might mention a few things but the review part is as impartial as I can be. If I am just talking about a movie, that is where  I will interject my personal POV of the topics over the review.
          MEN is incredibly well made with some top tier cinematography & acting. The movie was very well established & the tone of the movie, even though it unravels in the last 30 minutes, the tone carried through to the end.
          The movie is NOT very feminist, it does not beat you over the head with too many “Messages” the only message it carries is the dangers that some women face at the hands of Men & how some women as a result of those traumas (they really ruined that word haven’t they) they see All Men as the same. That is a major thing that many people forget, these situations DO happen to women & it is more often than we want to accept or admit. I know a few women that are very close to me that suffered these fates & 1 of the 3 of the worst have been scared  for life. That’s why I always keep a balanced perspective when I hear people talk about this stuff from both men & women on both Left & Right. I’m not a right winger, I am more conservative but I have a lot of liberal views as well. We need to be balance, we cannot have a 1 sided society. lol sorry aboot the tangent lol,
          Back to the movie part, so as progressive as the movie seems, where ALL the MEN are white & are Evil as the story unravels… SPOILERS


          I gave you the time to leave if you wanted the movie not to be spoiled:
          The actual Villain of the movie is 1 man, her ex Husband that was an ABUSIVE BLACK MAN! The reason they all look alike in the movie with 1 face is because she had 1 main abuser that she tried to escape from & escape his memory but our past & our memories always find a way to follow us & come out on top.
          See, the  movie is progressive but also balanced.
          But yes, you are correct, most Mainstream movies like this are ham fisted about their message & they will make white straight men the  villains & in those movies you would have better odds beating Mike Tyson than the movie being any good lol.


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            “Sorry bro, I’ve become very discouraged with many defeats over the past few years, If I do make more movie reviews, they would be of older movies with most likely stills or muted trailers like in this video. Any movies you would like to see me review in particular?”


            Dude, don’t despair. If this is something you enjoy doing then who cares about views and such.  And this idea you would strike gold early on in such a saturated market is not realistic.  Most things you can think of where someone hit paydirt with an invention, a great book or even top tier videos took many iterations of some level of failure before they got the formula right.  In fact I was thinking about this recently.  Most of the very large and successful YouTubers I know of took about 10 years to become big and famous YouTubers.  They did not start a channel and have 5 million subscribers the next day.  It took years to work it to that point.

            Now with all that said.  Given the issues you have with YouTube and censorship, I suggest using Rumble.  But use both.  Do some YouTube friendly content and do some Rumble specific content.  In fact, since YouTube loves the gaming videos so much.  I might suggest you continue to do those and use that as a vehicle to advertise Rumble content and on there is where you can put your reviews without concern of nonsense.

            Now you asked which movies to review.  I suggest starting from the 50’s on and maybe stop at 2000.  There are MANY great movies out there that many don’t know about.  The movies from prior decades were generally works of genius compared to the garbage of today.  This is why I make all those “A Brief Review” posts that no one looks at.  I am just trying to spread the knowledge of good long lost movies.

            Here is a starting point.  This movie is awesome.  But no one talks about it.  And it might be the first movie to have described and be about what we now consider the military industrial complex.  Check it out.



              If you start doing movie reviews in your style I would be all about that.  Even if you do like Dave Cullen did with old but great Scifi movies.  It not only is fun to watch such reviews but you end up performing a service introducing people to great stuff they did not know existed.

              AI (right now) really just means Automated  Intelligence and not Artificial Intelligence.  As I see it, it’s just algorithmic plagiarism.   Is just smashing together content from works it knows of and slightly altering them.  So it outputs garbage that is never going to be interesting or fun because it cannot create.

              “The devil schemes to destroy beauty because he cannot create it”

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              Ladies and gentlemen. It’s my pleasure to present my review and commentary of Dawn of the dead 1978. The classic horror movie by George Romero.  And if y like what you read check out the links at he end and see how you can support my ongoing efforts. Enjoy.

              Dawn of the dead 1978 review



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