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    Agreed on all points on this. Omg the editing on ‘Rings of Power’ is AWFUL!😲😵

    And yes those costumes look fake. That helmet looked like something I’d get in Home Bargains for a kid’s Halloween costume!


    In the first scene a couple new characters are shown Lady Rhea who runs in to a cloaked man Matt Smith, I mean Daemon who apparently has not banged her yet. This is STRONG WOMAN moment, that ends very badly in a horse accident. What the hell is with Horses in shows lately.

    On to the King on a boat and some nice call backs to seasick people. Not sure why we had this seen, but then we get to see Otto leaving Kings Landing. But not before he had a nice mental beat down of his daughter. He emphasized “Daughter,” yup he is the dick we all know he is. Topping it off with a hug even.

    And back to the King fresh off the boat in his carriage, clearly, we are now going to make the wedding plans with Lord Corylus, who cannot be bothered to meet with the king on his arrival.

    Back to Kings Landing and Alicent and more time with the Weirwood and Lord what’s his name with the bad foot. And we get a conversation about the Tea. This is Lazy writing, as there is no way that information would be allowed to be made known.

    Back to Rhaenyra and the King, finally meeting Lord Corylus in his throne room with no reception committee. What the hell, the King has come and no proper reception. Even “Hightide” doesn’t look to good, but we get to talking about Lady Rhea’s accident. This is when the King proposes the marriage. He proposes, and Lord Corylus wants details of the succession. And here we get the WOMAN will not change her name talk.

    Lord Corylus accepts the offer calling it “An equitable compromise” The are not Targaryen’s accept in name only at this point. A Targaryen King would Demand and order not “Compromise”. Anyway we see Rhaenyra having a chat with the future X and well she was more Targaryen than her father.

    Back to Corylus and his wife having a talk where she actually does say the King was begging. We also get the inference their son is gay, lol OH BTW HE IS. I find myself yawning at their conversation to be honest. Oh ya we know he is gay as the next conversation is with his lover and lets just put it this way no doubt about it.

    At this point I am more interested in Holiday baking that’s on my TV than the show. Yes, I’m in a watch party and the show is boring me.

    So now we are on to Rhaenyra and the King Maker errr Ser Cole having a conversation on the boat, he ask her to run off with him and see the world! LMAO ya he really said it. Wanting to go to Essos. Who wrote this episode? Did they borrow Amazons writers?

    Anyways Rhaenyra refuses him and Ser Laenor of the limp wrist will be her choice to DO HER DUTY, and she and he made a “Arrangement” apparently Cole does not like the idea of being her Whore “his words not mine.”

    BTW Halloween wars is more interesting than this.

    Ok back to kings landing, where they at least remember to greet a King. Ser Criston is summoned by the Queen, no not Rhaenyra but Alicent, on a delicate matter. Anyone who cannot guess what that is, is a fool. I’m not even going to spell it out for you as unlike these writers I know my readers can figure it out. He admits he banged her. What and Idiot and bad writing. He would have never admitted to this, its Treason.

    Next we get a “leaching scene” and the king wanting to know if he will be remembered as a Good king. It is clear he is dying, and honestly be done with it before the next episode that we get the Actress swap. His entire conversation is boring and then we are led to believe he dies. But nope he only went to sleep.

    We then see multiple dragons flying well 2 anyway and a fleet of ships heading to Kingslanding, we get another feast and of course a Lannister and some woman putting down talk. Ser Gerold actually knows how to honor people at a feast. Yet that is interrupted by Lord Corylus and the King Consort.

    Irony not lost here on King Consort on the heals of Elizabeth’s death and Charles “queen consort”

    AND THEN DAEMON comes in, Hello Matty my old friend, come to start some shit again, have a seat at the kings table and be welcome.  OK Sorry im board and that is NEVER a good thing for a show watcher to say. BUT WAIT in comes the queen, yes Alicent in her GREEN dress. To bad Rhaenyra is not in her BLACK dress, would have been more accurate. FYI Rhaenyra is in WHITE.

    The king continues with his speech and announces the 7 days of Parting and then the Wedding will happen. The future King and Queen have a nice little dance lots of glaring around the room during it and when its over, another dance starts and the Green Queen has a chat with her uncle and we see the start of the alliances being made.

    The lord of the Vale Ser Royce starts shit with Daemon making an accusation of him killing his wife. Daemon fires back with a question of inheritance which leaves him dumbfounded.

    Good lord someone pull the plug on this episode, yes its moving the plot along and a pace a Hobbit could catch the snail and eat it.

    Well, Gay guy has figured out clearly who has been banging Rhaenyra even though ser Cole never is looking at her much. Which is purely bad writing and then gay dude goes to confront him in a roundabout way, with what he knows. Ser Joffery is the gay guy’s name? really? LMAO.

    Daemon goes to dance whit Rhaenyra and they have the best conversation of the show, Something Bad is going on and we find out it is a fight between what looks like Gay dude and Criston and then in good ole fashion bar room brawling everyone has to get involved.  Criston kills the Gay guy in a most Mountain of ways.

    Well that is one way to end a Party, Dothraki Party.

    And then we have a unceremonious wedding right after the party, No festival, no partying for 7 days. Just do it now. Ser Criston is stopped from committing Harikari by Alicent and thank the Seven this shit is over.

    Im giving this a 3 out of 10. I was bored and really this was just BAD on all levels. Still better than Rings of Prime but that aint saying much.


    None. I am not a Easter type. I am a Halloween type.


    Buying just one page is definitely weird… I understand the appeal thou.

    I’m trying to get old issues recently (1975-1985) but it’s very hard… and too expensive.

    Books from the 90s – early 00s are easier … but they’re not that valuable (yet). My recent purchase was “Absolute Batman: Dark Victory”. The story is very good (sequel to the Long Halloween)


    I doubt it because Daily Wire people have ties to the entertainment industry. They probably assume correctly that the public only knows what they are shown on normie TV and normie publishing. My nieces and nephews all dressed up as Anime characters for Halloween. That’s quite a generational transformation. I cannot blame them at all. Woke stuff is repulsive to healthy people.



















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