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  • Here’s her segment from The View. This is something you are going to see for the rest of your life as well, which is, the real people who actually have Privilege are the very ones hoisted on plateaus to be the victim. Here’s a key point, no actual, real victim gets media coverage. Real victims are not on shows and magazine covers. Not sure if we are at the triple down, quadruple, quintuple down on the lies and accusations against fans at this point, but you gotta get used to the lying.
    I’ve see this before when Oprah had Gaby Douglas on to accuse the very gym that coached her to gold of “racism.” Another point: Racists probably are NOT gonna make a champion out of you. Just saying. You know what whites got for winning in war? Agent Orange and maybe shot in the back.

    Anyway, look at the narcissism, the vanity and the glamour. This girl’s brand is welded onto Racism and blame. Along with Ezra Miller and Elliot Paige, and Rachel Zieglar, this is another actor that I will avoid and boycott forever. Amandla Stenberg. Liar and Character Assassin.

    Last thing, but Sunny Hostin’s ancestors were actual slave-owners. Unlike others, it’s clear from her present life that she actually benefited from owning slaves, unlike southerners who were slaughtered and robbed, whether they were owners or not. My hunch is that the actual owner class didn’t have to fight and die.


    This is one of the things that I HATE about modern film trailers; the horrible music that they always put in them. What happened to putting in a glimpse of the soundtrack??? Besides that, the film looks decent and manly enough…although I guess Pedro forgot what happened the last time he stepped into an arena on ‘Game of Thrones’ lol.


    In reply to: AI Generated Goofery

    Song for OP
    It’s about asking women if they’d rather be trapped with a Man or a Bear in the woods?
    Came out fun. Would give this one to Skee-Lo

    Ladies, let me ask ya, question on blast,
    Bear in the woods or dude from the past?
    Wild bear roam, you know how he play,
    Dude with a plan, plans to betray.

    [Verse 3]
    Bear got no lies, only muscle and teeth,
    Man got fake smiles, secrets underneath.
    Bear take your pic-a-nic, leave you be,
    Man take your heart, throw away the key.

    [Verse 4]
    Bear in the forest, nature’s true brute,
    Man in the shadows, silent pursuit.
    Bear’s a beast, ain’t no second chance,
    Man’s a prankster, a deceptive dance.


    In reply to: AI Generated Goofery

    Would you ever hear a Punk band call out BlackRock?
    Well, the Ai did do that because I wanted a song about Fink and BlackRock with their buyout of Japanese Manga and Webtoons in order to feminize it.
    Surprised at this a bit, because frankly, I thought both were already that way.

    Black suits buying souls
    Ink and pixels sold to cold control
    Comic pages turn to plastic hearts
    Feminize the blood from our art

    [Verse 2]
    Control the culture twist the tale
    Webs in shadows set to sail
    Female centric content crawl
    Manga soul under corporate thrall

    Hey hey who sold out the fight
    BlackRock’s hands lock it tight
    Rampant feminization night and day
    Original voices fade away

    [Verse 3]
    Ink bleeds out corporate greed
    Stories turned sterile lost their speed
    Webtoons caged content framed
    Female focus but it feels the same

    [Verse 4]
    Cultural space under siege
    Voices silenced forced to please
    Bought and tailored can’t say no
    BlackRock whispers puppet show

    Hey hey who sold out the fight
    BlackRock’s hands lock it tight
    Rampant feminization night and day
    Original voices fade away

    Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 07-50-38 Vox PopoliScreenshot 2024-07-04 at 07-50-16 Vox Popoli


    Sorry about my radio silence.
    Dr Disrespect In Character VS Real Life Apology | The Red Series
    So this was my take until last night, then a new piece of information was dropped about entrapment. The facts remain, he self admitted that he was messaging a minor in inappropriate ways. He’s not the worse of the worse (as of yet) but we need the transcripts of the chats, that is the only thing that can almost clear him. The thing that I am most surprised about people’s reactions is that they seem to have missed the point that he addressed the situation in the character of Dr. Disrespect. In my video I show the original clip of him addressing his cheating. It was heartfelt & real.
    His tweet was a protest & never apologized to the girl & her family. Now regarding the new info that he was being set up, look, it was a sting operation. He was under the impression she was a minor & continued to message her. This was the premise of To Catch A Predator. A sting operation does not clear the fact that he thought she was a minor & continued to message her. We all love watching Chris The Legend Hanson bust these creeps, so why are we looking for excuses for the Doc. He isn’t the worst of the worst, but he did a bad thing. I might make a part 2 discussing the Sting operation if it turns out to be true.
    Thanks for watching.


    Topic: AI Generated Goofery

    in forum Music

    Hello. I recently stumbled across an app to allow you to create AI generated music. I think this stuff is pretty interesting and fun to play with, though your usage usually ends up getting limited without a subscription. After last night’s debate I decided to play around with Suno and generate a song about Joe Biden’s performance. I burned through all of my uses for the day but I got two version of the song that I was actually pretty happy with.

    The song is titled “Joe Does A Big Debate”

    The two versions of the song are in Nu-Metal (I asked for Math Metal as a prompt and got this instead) and Brutal Death Metal styles. Enjoy and feel free share your opinions and your own creations.


    Nosferatu presents as an excellent period piece.

    A24 makes good low-mid budget films and they do compensate by focusing on story and character development. X (2022) is a credible erotic horror/thriller entry which features a pre-Wednesday Jenna Ortega and the criminally underrated lead actress Mia Goth. It’s worth a look.

    Red One looks like a family friendly entry in the traditionally R-rated Christmas Action genre which has been picking up steam over the last few years. For those so interested I’d recommend Fatman (2020) and Silent Night (2023) – the latter is quite unique.



    Apparently the utter dogshit Resident Evil film from 2021 which retardedly made Jill Valentine black and Leon Kennedy Indian is now getting a prequel film adapting the story of Resident Evil Zero.

    100% guaranteed they’ll be raceswapping Billy Coen as black, which will be hilarious given that Billy is an escaped prisoner so the woke left’s attempt to virtue signal with “muh diversity” will end up pushing a stereotype about blacks being convicts.

    Also there’s ANOTHER crappy Netflix show on the way. The plot is literally the exact same as the last one except instead of raceswapped Wesker’s daughter being the strong independent wahmen who don’t need no man, this time it’s raceswapped James Marcus’s daughter doing the same shit



    The last few years, I’ve been trying to catch up on some of the older Disney live action films even though I’m not a massive fan of live action (and Disney live action for that matter). They’d have to be VERY entertaining in order for me to actually take a interest. One of my favourites of late has been ‘Treasure Island’ since I love the book and was finally able to watch it a couple of years back because of D+. It’s a pity they don’t even have ‘Song of the South’ on it not even in the UK. I wish I had gotten it when it was being released on VHS in the 90’s…

    Watching now. Thanks for posting this. If not for this site, I would have missed it. It’s something to be intrigued by and to think about. Also, I do think parts of your feedback critique are totally correct. What can be said about Rippa can also be said of EVS. Both have good operations but neither are quite up to where you think that they should be. I do agree about combining forces.

    I find it interesting that Alex Stein is getting into this topic. Alex Stein went to Eric’s event at the Boozy Bird and the event looked great to me and looked like a lot of fun. I would have liked to go just to take a booth and observe the whole thing. Alex Stein said that July had 400 people at that event.
    That is truly awesome that GnG, Nerdrotic and EJ can do events like this. Just as an excuse for fellowship, that alone, is needed. Ha, EVS points out what Riley did is somthing that Alex Stein would do. Ouch. That’s true. The difference is that Alex Stein is in shape and looks hygenic wheres as Riley comes off deranged. The grave thing was over the line. Another thing EVS said was that ComicCons are filled with a lot of people selling bad comics. That is truth right there. It is subjective.

    Go figure that I do not think the art is the problem with either guy, so much as the writing. Lately, I have been enjoying work the the writers Rick Remender and Chris Soule. I used to like Matt Hawkins as a writer. There are touches of woke in all writers though. EVS was one of the first people to point out ESG and I think all writers have to abide by ESG in some way, but they don’t talk about it. Probably are under NDAs themselves.

    Funny EVS said his son got stuck at PRIDE night at a Phillies game because he didn’t know it was that night. That’s funny.

    I like Alex Stein, but think that Barstool Sports sucks. Interesting that Jermy himself said he wanted GnG to be the Barstool Sports of geekdom, which is a great thing to say, as Alex talks about EVS and EJ. It would take more artists and writers, but I am far more interesting in geekdom than woke sports, of which I’ll never be a fan again.
    Too much corporate propaganda involved it all of it. It would be nice if the comics in the Indie space started being kind of like The Boys in mocking this WokeTard Bankster class subculture we live in now. It should be much easier to mock than what The Boys does, which is punch down on the public and the dissidents on behalf of the privileged vampire squid media class.

    The last ComicCon I went, the guys who bent my ear that I eavesdropped on were already looking elsewhere and I heard them mention Valiant comics, which is good thinking. Personally, I do like Image comics, Mad Cave comics, Dark Horse and others. People can give EVS and EJ feedback, but the big two have put out a lot of bad material, so anyone can do that.
    At least Eric puts on events for the fans. One thing Ethan did not bring up is that the Comiccons and the Sci-fi cons have all banned Indie people for their politics at one time or another, so it’s not even as bad as the Riley situation, but far worse, because they harassed their actual vendors over blog posts that were not personal beef in nature.

    One thing is that I think both guys need better writers. The art itself is not bad. Would also say that the maybe need better characters and character designs, which is one thing that I think Eric July has more potential to do because one thing he did right is, on his website, he has an art section where fans hand in their art in an art content and I really thought highly of July for that, now that is smart, to data farm your fans. Nerdrotic has said in the past that he thinks some of the guys in his own chat are better writers than what we are getting from a lot of entertainment and I totally agree with that.
    There are some smart people out there. I saw that on a comment of a video I was watching about a movie I liked, where a fan said, if they would have done this twist, this movie would have been a classic and I grinned because I liked his idea. Sharp people out there, and that’s all we are asking for and that’s what is missing is just the clever writing tactics that we used to get from some of the old classic esoteric films.

    Will say though that I think I prefer comics to just about any genre. Nothing beats movement and motion of the movies and shows, but I think comics are just the most practical way to storyboard good writing.
    Again, I am totally neutral in this. I think EVS has more talent, but he’s a bit older. While being neutral on Eric, he has already made little touches of Animation and Live Action film, and that’s what is kind of missing from the smaller comic companies, although I’m sure their stories are probably adapted to shows and I just don’t know about it.

    At some point you Rippafans are going to wake up and realize you’re in this little tiny bubble with a world view built on lies, it’s only a matter of time. Even Gary and Jeremy no longer shill Yaira or Rippaverse, they’ll still be friends with Rippa, which is nice, but the money grift is coming to a close as the truth that Rippa isn’t cut out to head this movement comes to bear.

    I came here to edit in one last thought. I hope the beef here remains authentic and real, that’s what keeps this so captivating. If the Blaze and Alex get too hands on and try to create artificial drama for show, I think that would kind of kill the thrill of it all.

    There’s captivating drama here, it just needs a means of reaching more people and maybe an entry point  for people to get up to date on how this is a big deal. Comics are a major pillar of entertainment, this Youtube sphere having their influence on this space is interesting, the clashing of fans that we see in on these forums and on twitter.

    People are engaged, you don’t even have to be a comics fan to be interested in this battle. You just have to care about the future of culture, the future of entertainment, the future of creatives being able to earn a living, and of course us fans get caught up in the mix as well with our own biases and perspectives. We may not agree on much, but we can agree that whichever side you land on, you can’t look away.

    Also, this seems more extreme than what happened with ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ last year. At least they weren’t trying to ban even small YouTube channels (from what I can remember) like they are with this. In fact, even ten years ago a series as bad as ‘The Acolyte’ wouldn’t make it past the first episode because it would’ve been cancelled right away…that’s if it was unfortunate enough to get past the writer’s room before hand.


    Stop obsessing over Mint Salad you lowlifes, she’s not going to fuck you.

    I gave this a quick watch, it’s nothing but he said, she said bullshit by a bunch of jealous haters.

    Is Dick Masterson a fuck head? Of course, that’s why people tune in, dude is hilarious. So is Vito, and I’ve made jokes worse than him. You guys really are showing yourselves to be the pearl clutching old ladies of this scene.

    Grow up.

    It’s actually been fascinating to watch this unfold. The way people will believe this narrative or that narrative not based on facts, but simply because it supports the people they like. I once believed that this sphere was different, that here we didn’t just buy into BS to fit what we wanted to believe so easily but it’s just another cult of personality like anywhere else.

    People are going to believe what they want to believe and Eric July and his team are absolutely taking advantage of that. The truth doesn’t matter, only emotions matter.

    It’s unfortunate, but Eric has cultivated an audience of down on their luck and impressionable fans. That could have been respectable had Eric shepherded and respected them, instead he has exploited and weaponized them to believe a throng of petty lies and deceptions in order to attack his opposition.

    You guys need to wake up, Eric though charismatic is not a good man. He surrounds himself with weak people who idolize him. He never takes the high road, never works towards something wholesome or good for the fans or the scene. Everything is about him, or it’s about debilitating and destroying his enemies. The fact Eric took a cropped picture of Riley holding a plastic gun in an effort to make him look more threatening, shows us everything you need to know about this dude’s character. He’s a weak, conniving, control freak punk living in his own lalala land where he’s the black Stan Lee. Eric, you are no fucking Stan Lee. Stan Lee brought out the best in people and inspired them to be better. You are a destructive force pulling the evil out of people and weaponizing it while acting high and mighty like a woke leftist.

    No fucking joke, I imagine “rules for radicals” is the guiding playbook of the Rippaverse.

    EVS isn’t perfect either, but I now see why he goes so hard on Eric and the culture that he is fostering. It is truly toxic, it is truly vindictive and almost evil in a way. And many of you can’t see it.

    There is nothing worse than a bully who thinks their terrible actions are righteous.

    What strikes me as most alarming is how you guys think Riley is a terrible person because you live in a bubble full of poison. The dude seems a tad goofy, but he’s just a fan like all of you. A kind hearted dude just trying to enjoy his stuff and safeguard the things he loves. Will he neckbeard out like anyone else in this sphere and get angry about nerd shit? Sure. He’s just one of us.

    But you guys are so far up your ass in the cult of July that you’ve been weaponized, you don’t even see what you’ve become. You’ve become blind to the truths that don’t align with your hate. You only service Eric’s plight to attack and destroy others.

    It’s fucking sad and it’s destroying the fun of this scene that was once a celebration of nerdom.

    I wish Eric would just come out and say, “Hey this is getting out of hand, we need to have some level of civility, I’m gonna step in as the leader here and break bread and appologize to Riley, he has the right to criticize me and be a neckbeard.” That simple.

    And I don’t want Eric to say this shit because someone saw the destruction happening to his company or read this thread or read any number of threads calling for a de-escalation. I don’t want Eric to make better decisions as damage control to save his money grifting. I wish Eric simply had the character within him to grow and become a better person. Riley asked Eric for an apology, but apparently that was too much. Eric can’t concede even that, the dude is so big headed it’s fucking insane, and he has no business being that fragile and vindictive and controlling this much power in this sphere. Someone who attacks and attempts to destroy others so freely and for such petty reasons should not be granted so much influence. Too many people put their faith in July and he has used this combined fanbase to set fire to all that was good and wholesome about the fandom.

    And this is what we are now, a bunch of hateful neckbeards trying to destroy each other thirsting after e-Thots on the internet and stepping over one another for the affection of our favorite E-Celebs. Fucking embarrassing.

    One thing Eric did do on his site was get fans to show of their art, so he had like an art contest. I think that is the way to go.
    During reading, there was talk about how even George let his feeling of the Jedi slip. It seems other writers had more to say on it in that they did not know where to go with the Jedi and that the Jedi were not well defined, so they got bored with the Jedi? This really bothers me in that they did not spend more money on the writing and recruiting writers.

    I think Jedi stories of saving people from the Dark Side would be excellent. We saw how Anakin slipped to the Dark Side, but it would be cool to see that in reverse, like we did with Vader, only you’d think it would happen more often. Like, if a Sith suddenly showed too much compassion in a moment of sentiment, that would sway that person to go over to the Light Side.

    Also, with the Rebel Alliance, the Jedi are like some kind of spiritual military cleric order, and it would make sense that one Jedi could train others for pocket rebellions within the empire and it would be fun to explore The Force used to boost morale and win some victories, so that their planetary civilizations can continue. Also, there should be explorations on weak and strong connections to The Force and how The Force ebbs and flows depending on experience and confidence and conviction and belief and fellowship.


    I am overposting now. Sorry about that.

    After posting here, I clicked thru fan films and they were all very good and much better than what Disney offers the public.

    All the fan films have a disclaimer that says they do it just to do it and not to profit. To see people with far less talent like Headland and her crew ripoff the company for so much money is an injustice. It’s a shame that they just don’t throw Fan Films up on the big screen and do some kind of profit sharing. It would be zero overhead for Star Wars and any profit could be dished out and Star Wars could become kind of an amateur vehicle to get on big screens.

    It’s surprising how many good Fan Films there are with views somewhere in the 5-figure range, which is low. If anyone should be grateful, it  is Star Wars and Disney that should be grateful to the fans for attempting to keep the brand going with the younger generations because, according to Yellow Flash, the demo for SW is older men, and that is what is true in my experience. It surprised me when I met a mechanic who was older than me who told me that Star Wars was his thing.


    Last thing, but I must agree with Tuna below. I have seen this happen with Exorcists and Vampires, two separate topics that waned, and I saw ComicsGate people start doing indie projects on those things and, immediately, the networks and the big 2 hacked the indie writers and their ideas to bring those things into their fold. Saw it with BloodHunt and that show EVIL, which was a woke show that I liked.


    Was lucky enough to catch this show at his peak and when he was in the zone. Lots of laughs. Such a good writer and impressionist with the voices. I used to even be a subscriber. Thing is, all good things come to an end. He’s one of the funniest guys I ever heard, but one day, he came on the air and started getting political and literally told his audience to their faces that he now worked for the important people that have all the money and he became totally left-wing and it just wasn’t the same after that.
    I give him credit though for telling his fans upfront that he had sold out to the globalist propagandists. Never listened to him again after that. Even the show sounded different. Made me think maybe a former producer had the glue to hold it together, but even the sound of the show changed and was not of former quality.
    It also makes me wonder when a comedic genius hits it big, how long can the career possibly last? For me, The Simpsons never really got old.

    Hendrie is a feature documentary on the legendary talk-radio comic legend Phil Hendrie, who influenced a legion of great comedic minds through his innovative and relatively short-lived, off-the-wall radio show. The film chronicles the life of a radio personality that dared to satirize the very medium he was part of, using a distinct and original method that hasn’t been attempted before or since. Some of the funniest and most interesting names in show business weigh in including: Bill Hader, Judd Apatow, Kevin Pollak, Henry Rollins, Dana Gould, Wayne Federman and many others.

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