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    In reply to: Lure (2021)

    Propaganda, but tastefully done. LURE is a catchy name. It reminds me of Soma. LURE would be a good name for a drug. I do like sci-fi with a psychedelic flair. There was a comic a while back called Void Trip, where space hippies took Space Froot and tripped on their adventures.


    LURE Graphic Novel Gives Psychedelic Vision of Earth’s Future (Exclusive)

    Lane Milburn, the acclaimed cartoonist behind Twelve Gems, returns this November with Lure, a new science fiction graphic novel from Fantagraphics.
    By Shaun Corley

    Warning: Contains preview pages for Lure.

    Seattle-based Fantagraphics Books has announced a new graphic novel from acclaimed artist Lane Milburn, titled Lure and Screen Rant is pleased to bring readers an exclusive first look. Fantagraphic published Milburn’s first graphic novel, Twelve Gems, in 2014, and will release Lure on November 2.

    Since the 1970s, Fantagraphics Books has published some of the genre’s most highly acclaimed titles, such as Love and Rockets by the Hernandez Brothers and Daniel Clowes Eightball and Ghost World, the latter of which was adapted to a feature film. The company also publishes definitive editions of classic comic strips, such as Prince Valiant and Pogo, as well as the Disney and Peanuts archives. In 2014, Fantagraphics published Lane Milburn’s Twelve Gems. The book was a hit with critics, and cemented Milburn’s status as one of the top cartoonists working today. Milburn rose to fame in the 2000s thanks to a number of self-published comics through Close Caption Comics, a Baltimore-based comic collective. The recipient of a Xeric Grant, Milburn’s cartoons have appeared in Vice, among others; he is currently serializing a comic, titled The Mosaic, through his Patreon. Twelve Gems was billed as a “campy, trippy, sci-fi adventure” and Milburn taps this vein once again in Lure to explore ideas of wealth, art and colonialism.

    Fantagraphics Books has provided Screen Rant with a first look at Lure, including preview pages shared below. In the future, humans have colonized an alien world named Lure. The ocean planet becomes the playground of the wealthy, and when the effects of climate change start to make Earth uninhabitable, many begin to relocate to Lure. Jo Sparta, a young artist, is invited to participate in a year-long project on Lure; she and others will create a large art installation for Lure’s residents. Jo learns; however, all is not as it seems, and trouble is afoot.

    The preview pages introduce readers to Jo, seeing her leave everything she has ever known behind for this once in a lifetime opportunity; readers also see her first day on Lure as well, as she marvels at this beautiful planet. The highlight, however, is the trippy dream sequence Jo has while in hibernation, an ominous vision of things to come on the seeming paradise planet of Lure.

    Lure is tapping into many of the concerns of today’s world. Climate change is creating chaos around the world, sparking enormous forest fires in both America and Australia, as well as torrential rain and floods in other places. The gap between the haves and the have-nots continues to grow, and the arts become solely the playground of the wealthy. These issues collide in Lane Milburn’s Lure, from Fantagraphics Books, making it a vital graphic novel for our times.

    They also tried to delete the negative reviews for ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Captain Marvel’- especially ‘Captain Marvel’- and other woke films. They also deleted the negative reviews to Megan’s latest children’s book and another book she had done before. Just waiting for Amazon to see if they’ll delete the negative reviews for Prince Harry’s up and coming book which I bet they will!


    In reply to: Black Widow

    I like Nerdrotic a ton and happened to enjoy the Black Widow movie. At the same time, his criticisms are valid. What is most engaging about his videos is when he points out the writing ability of the fan base. Tell you what, Disney needs to seek out and pay better writers like the people Nerdrotic mentions. If there is one thing I covet, it is talented writers. To think of what someone like Nerdrotic or Geeksandgamers could achieve with such a writing team and a budget. When Nerdrotic talks about cheap gags substituted for potential betters scenes, I actually wonder if that is true. Marvel makes solid movies and maybe the template of cheap gags and other gimmicks just makes for better movies? Nerdrotics’s critique is funny. Harvey Weinsteinoff. I would argue more Epsteinoff, with the girls being pimped and brainwashed. haha “Dreykov didn’t kill himself.”


    One thing I liked about Black Widow overall was Marvel’s dedication to their character. I was never a fan, but when she says, “thank you for your cooperation,” it was the same line she used with Robert Redford and Loki and she says it to Drekov and it just makes you realize what a great spy she really is and how effective she is at extracting the key intel she needs to find a way to win, being a character with no powers.


    Love Nerdrotic’s brutal review, but prior to this movie, Marvel had one of the best cinematic runs of all-time. So many quality films. He likes IronMan, but the sequels to that were weak. The first two Captain America movies are up there with some of the best ever made.


    In reply to: HASHTAGS

    I made these Hastags, somebody tell Jeremy, Gary, AZ, Ryan, and the entire fandom for making these Hastags. I would like to say sorry to Doomcock, Critical Drinker, Thorias Unlimited, Redlettermedia, Dave Cullen, SC Reviews, Author Stephen Walton, and The Script Doctor that I made them. The reason why I made these Hastags because these reasons:

    I’m interested in your thoughts and opinions in Anime

    I wanted to give guys hope

    Author Stephen Walton, Doomcock, SC Reviews and Critical Drinker need to provide their fanbase with options and use Anime and Tokusatsu reviews for their war Hollywood, DC, Marvel, and the BBC.

    Author Stephen Walton, Doomcock, SC Reviews, Critical Drinker, and Thorias Unlimited looked like they could. I think it would be best for them to just get from Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu, and Alternative Entertainment instead of getting from Mainstream Western Entertainment as well as they spend more time with these things as well.




    -As well as these Hastags as a way to ask them which day of the week would Critical Drinker, Author Stephen Walton, Thorias Unlimited, Doomcock, The Script Doctor, SC Reviews, and Red Letter Media like Anime and Tokusatsu for now on:


    -As these Hastags:


    The reason why I made #MakeAnimewithGeeksHappen because I saw a post made by @WitheyBD and I agree with him and like his idea, go check out WitheyBD’s crazy pitch post. It’s available in the Anime forums.

    The reason why I made #MakeOdinsWeebBlogHappen because I thought it’ll help him and give him a chance talking about Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu, and anything Japanese and Korean Pop Culture on YouTube.

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    In reply to: Woke YouTubers..


      So Angry Joe is woke 100% He has complained about boobs in games on more than one occasion. Maybe he’s just gay? He complains about females being sexualized in games yet he loves Henry Cavill and raves about his looks lol He sounds like a college teacher I used to have that preaches old school feminism. He also gets too political on Twitter. Just review video games bro… Yet he hasn’t done a good job with that in awhile. Instead he does bad movie reviews. And his woke friend Alex I can’t stand. These guys love these woke Marvel films. Sure they talked shit about the last Star Wars movie. But thats kind of hard not to do. Go on his YouTube and you will see that he follows TYT.

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