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      The reason its not allowed is “polite conversation” Basically would you say that in front of your kids or grandma. That was the standard to prevent escalation to full blow fights, ( which usually brings on the gang attack of the friend of  people” admins and mods despite peoples beliefs have better things to do then babysit adults on the internet, like actually coding the back end and trying to provide fixes to issues and problems. And no they dont get paid to do it 99.9999999% of the time they volunteer to help.

      I cannot tell you how many times members who knew me in person and had my number would call at all hours because two people had to go down the name calling road, or worse with Facebook you could actually call someone and I had perfect strangers use it to call me and tell me someone was doing something. It never ceases to amaze me how grown adults call people names from behind the safety of a keyboard. Why many of the older sites warned once banned on second, they just have no time to deal with adults acting like grade school behavior.


      Well obviously Cuties is the best show on there.

      ‘You haven’t seen Stranger Things? What kind of a person are you..?’ – Jake Peralta

      Bright was okay but it’s a total ripoff of Alien Nation, only with bla–orcs.. With ORCS, lol

      Alien Nation was way better though. James CAAAAAAAN! (now I have a craving for rotten milk)


      Okay, imagine a scenario in the very near future where Elon Musk actually fulfills his promise to get people to Mars by 2026.

      Elon has built the rockets, got the thousands of volunteers ready to leave Earth forever to head to the red planet to have more freedom than on Earth which continues to get more authoritarian as we can see from current world poltics.

      The colonists in many long months get to Mars then land on the surface and start building settlements but a couple of months go by and the colonists on Mars find out….they aren’t alone?

      As the colonists try to build their settlements, a bunch of aliens who are humanoid in appearance like us in that they have two legs, two arms and a head, who stand about 8 to 9 ft tall but look nothing like us Humans…attack the settlement.

      The colonists can’t understand what these aliens are saying as their language sounds something that can’t be spoken by any Human tongue as we Humans lack an organ these creatures have that we don’t.

      The colonists would realize quickly that these aliens……..are the indigenous Martians of Mars and don’t take too kindly to strangers from another world trying to build a colony on their land no matter where it is on the planet.

      The native Martians are primitive in their technology and use Stone Age level technology which wouldn’t be a match for the settlers’ advanced firearms but the native Martians are far bigger and stronger than any Human laser gun or not.

      Elon Musk is there with the colonists and sees these native Martians charging at his settlement and he is as shocked and surprised as the colonists to see these creatures with his own eyes?

      It was always a dream for not just Elon Musk to get to Mars to build a home there but also a dream for his thousands of Mars colonists under his charge to guide and protect them.

      My question is…what would Elon Musk and his colonists do?

      Elon Musk never says anything in his interviews of what happens if he and the colonists get to Mars and they encounter native Martian lifeforms there that is both highly intelligent and dangerous?

      All I ever hear Elon Musk say about going to Mars is that it would have to be a direct democracy for things to get done like building a Human settlement but….what would Elon Musk and the colonists do if they came up against some pissed off Martians that want the colonists off their planet?

      Elon Musk and his colonists can’t leave Mars as it was a one way trip with fuel to get to Mars but no fuel to get back to Earth. Also even if Elon and his colonists go back to Earth they might lose any chance of getting the freedom they desire that Earth is greatly lacking at this time which is why many risked going to Mars in the first place.

      Also being on Mars is the only way for Humanity to survive as scientists said that we Humans had to become a two planet species, because Earth doesn’t have enough resources for our growing population.

      So Elon Musk and his colonists desperately need to be on Mars for Humanity’s continued survival and freedom for Humans that want individualism but they would have to fight these Martian natives to get it which could lead to the native Martians going extinct if the Humans on Mars get too desperate for our own survival and needing a new planet that is free and less authoritarian than Earth?

      What would Elon Musk do? He is a smart guy but would he be the type of genius to think of a way of eliminating the Martians of Mars to near extinction to give us Humans that planet that has true freedom?

      Or would Elon Musk find a way to successful communicate with the native Martians and come to some kind of agreement that would benefit both parties?

      What do you guys think?



        I canceled Netflix Aug 8 so it ended for me Sept 8.  Luckily I didn’t even see the full trailer on their platform.   Except for Stranger Things and the Witcher,  I had pretty much watched everything I wanted too.  Couple of guys at my work cancelling also as they have daughters and they don’t want them seeing it accidentally.


          Recently watched Doom Patrol s2 and Stargirl, both great shows imo

          Lately i’ve been watching mostly anime

          Waiting for Mandalorian s2, Falcon And Winter Soldier, Titans s3 (even though most of s2 sucked), and Stranger Things s4


            I haven’t seen stranger things, can someone translate? How can the media sexualize a tv show that is not sexual in nature?


            In reply to: The Dragon Emperor

            Are you volunteer?


            Oh my goodness, no. I have my own manuscripts to work on with my own stable of pre-readers. I simply could not hold back any longer expressing what I have imparted to you. It had to be said.


            Personally, I do not think your strategy is a wise one or a fruitful one. At best you’ll get a little advice like mine or some friendly helpful tips from other good natured people around here. At worst someone will be a complete asshole and just criticize without be constructive. But waiting and hoping for volunteers, especially from a collection of other writers working on their own projects, is not a winning track. We’re all busy people focused on our own IPs. And it is never wise to trust any stranger with your work.  And I know I am probably not the only one working right now with a great deal of enthusiasm, because we are all seeing a great sea change about to occur in the entertainment world, and there are going to be opportunities to get our IPs out there. When TV and movies start coming up dry in the next year, people are going to start reading books again. Publishers and agents will either be hungry enough to not gate keep, or people will find a way to independently publish through the likes of crowd funding as in the Comicsgate model.

            I myself have spent this past week now toiling over the last chapter of my current book for the simple fact I want to get it just right, when other times in the past I might have just sped on to get it done and worried about cleaning it up on the big edit. That is the only reason I’m up at this hour, almost face planting on my keyboard, because I had to reach a certain point before I could allow myself to stop. I’ll probably go back and fix some things I did in the past hour tomorrow, but at least I hit my mark.


            So again I urge you to take stock and refine your IP, because what you are showing off now is not even remotely close to professional standards.


            Good luck.

            Where does one even begin with Serial Experiments Lain? About the only thing I know for sure is that, whatever I end up writing here, it’ll be far, far, far from the last word about this show.


            One night, a young girl named Chise jumps from the roof of a high building. A week later, some girls in her school, including Lain, receive electronic messages from her over what they called the Wired. These messages frighten most of these girls.

            But it piques Lain’s interest. Up to this point, her personal computer, called a Navi, has been of little interest to her, but she soon finds herself immersed in the world of the Wired. Maybe too immersed. And, maybe, she’s no longer herself. And, maybe, Lain is someone else entirely on the Wired. And, maybe, the Wired has more than one Lain. And, maybe, the real world and the Wired are not so far apart as everyone thinks they are. And, maybe….


            I remember having some small contacts with the internet back in the 90s and around the turn of the century, which was about the time Serial Experiments Lain was being created and released. It actually wasn’t until the early 2000s that I started to really get into the internet, finding things like debate forums to join and enjoy and maybe get into some pretty heated discussions, too.

            Today, the internet is everywhere. Not that I’m complaining. What with playing chess online, watching cat videos or anime series like this one, reading e-books, or just enjoying a bit of social media, I rather like the internet.

            Now, I don’t know if I would like what was going in Lain; that people would be connected to the Wired even if they weren’t on a device, that they could in essence never escape the Wired, the internet. That would be, I think, a bit too much of a good thing.

            To use a bit of an analogy, the internet is like water; it’s good, it can be fun, it can be useful, but if you get too much of it, that can cause problems.


            Transhumanism is the idea that man is merging with technology.

            Jason Sosa,

            One of the stranger aspects of a story that has no shortage of strange aspects is the idea that there is a god on the Wired. This god-being turns out to be the result of one man essentially uploading his personality to the Wired, something like what is called the singularity. But, then, this gets further complicated by Lain herself. Where did she come from? Is she a human girl who has a presence on the Wired or did she exist on the Wired when it was first formed and before her human, or human-like, body was even thought about? What is the connection between the young human girl Lain, who is shy and socially awkward, and the Lain of the Wired, who is much more brash and assertive?

            Transhumanism is something I know very little about, having read a bit about it a few years ago. Some parts of it I can understand and even support, such as how to use technologies to help people with diseases and physical problems. Hearing aids, artificial hearts, and bionic limbs seem like potentially good applications of technology.

            Still, some of the more extreme ideas, like the singularity, seem both far-fetched and based on bad thinking. Is a human really just a collection of data and information that can be uploaded to the internet? Are our bodies really just needless biological junk that we can shunt aside to reach some kind of higher level? And what about the practical problems of maintaining the tech used to keep Uncle Ralph floating around on the internet, making sure his personality doesn’t get hacked or injured by the kinds of viruses we all know hackers would create, and just making sure his server doesn’t break down or even that the internet will still be around once everyone shoots EMP missiles at each other?

            Because in the end this wouldn’t really change or solve anything. If it were possible to put a person’s mind on the internet in such a way that the person himself or herself is alive on the internet, well, what then? Will that person act right? Will they always do what is good? Would we have to deal with crimes committed by internet-persons, either in the physical world or in cyber-space? Could one internet-person murder another internet-person, or steal from them, or lie to them? Would an internet-person act like Lain does at one point, spying on her friends and bullying them with the secrets she’s learned about them?

            Looking at it as a Christian, it seems significant that when the Bible speaks of the next life, it speaks of the resurrection of our bodies. Our bodies may well die, they may well cease to function and even rot away, but those who repent of sins and believe in Christ are promised new, glorified bodies, this present body but better in ways I doubt we could very well explain by our current understandings.

            But at the least, Christian teaching is different from the ideas of eastern mysticism, gnosticism, and transhumanism; the body is not the problem, but sin and evil do affect the body. I think the posthuman aspects or transhumanism are like magical snakeoil elixirs promising eternal life or a rumored fountain of youth, ideas that promise the things we desire but that deliver or will deliver so very much less .


            I feel like I’ve barely begun in even hinting at all the things in Serial Experiments Lain that could be talked about. Heck, they even work in the events of Roswell, for that little bit of X-Files flavor.

            This isn’t a kid’s show by any stretch, there is plenty of disturbing imagery, though strangely the closest it gets to fan service is in the ending credits. And, yes, if you do watch it, you’ll spend most of your time wondering what on earth in going on.

            But I can also suggest it pretty highly. Though it’s a series that’s over 20 years old, the ideas and problems it brings up make it seem like it could have come to us from next week.

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            Wow – three great suggestions @DigiCat! Unfortunately I’ve seen all three already. You absolutely get top marks for variety though! That’s a good mix.

            1) Black Mirror: definitely a great show. The first episode turns a lot of people off but if you stick it out past that one there are some real gems in there. I can’t pick a favorite episode, but I really liked “Playtest”, “15 Million Merits”, and “Nosedive” among others.

            2) Stranger Things: I really liked the first season, but I think it kind of fell off a cliff after that, and the plot has really suffered – especially in the third season. The first season just had such a great blend of suspense/mild horror mixed with fantasy, and such an interesting concept, plot, and character work that it has just been hard to replicate. I’ll still watch season 4 when it comes out though.

            3) Living With Yourself – I’m surprised to see this one. Not because it isn’t great, just because it isn’t one of the most popular offerings on Netflix. I really like Paul Rudd, and he’s great in this show. The concept is really interesting, and I’m excited for the possibility of a season 2. The idea of having a clone to take care of the work part of my day seems really nice (especially right now during my busiest week of the financial quarter), but obviously would probably end in disaster. The part in the beginning with Tom Brady really made me laugh too.

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              1) Black Mirror – futuristic anthology series with dark and witty humor, my fave show on netflix

              2) Stranger Things – horror, 80s nostalgia, some episodes are better than others but overall great story/plot, i’m hooked and can’t wait for season 4

              3) Living With Yourself – comedy mini-series that stars Ant-man in dual role, got me laughing my ass off


              Stranger Things is very overrated. It had a fantastic first season and two very mediocre follow-ups.

              It should be considered the same way that Heroes is (stellar first season, with crappy 2nd – 4th), but people are blinded by the 80’s nostalgia factor and likeable kid actors, and don’t realize the story and characters have suffered greatly.


                Up-coming TV shows I’m looking forward to:

                Falcon and Winter Soldier



                Mandalorian season 2 (should come out october)

                Stranger Things season 4

                Doom Patrol season 2 (just came out a few days ago)



                Hello VenomBroly1993, thank you for your reply. I have not seen Stranger Things yet but have it in my list of shows to watch on the streaming platform. I appreciate the warning about season 3 being woke. I will at least try the first two seasons and go from there.


                Hello again Stromboli_Samurai, thank you for your reply. I have Stranger Things in my list of shows to watch so I will try to watch it some time. I also appreciate you answering my questions for the show in terms of favorite characters, favorite arcs, and other shows. For Disney+, I am waiting on a change at Lucasfilms, Disney, and more original content before I give that streaming platform the time of day.


                  AER: Memories of Old and Stranger Things 3: The Game are now free on EGS for a week


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