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    Why would you not want to heal a mental illness?

    we could open the can of worms about this, as I don’t see it as a mental illness.

    They are not saying transgender people should not exist.

    Then what exactly does complete eradication of transgender mean? Isn’t eradicating something literally that they stop existing? It’s some dangerous wording.

    Obviously that whole situation is not a simple thing and you are speaking about it as it is a simple thing that you are either 100% for or 100% against.  It’s not that way.

    Of course not. I do not support children transitioning under the age of 18. I think all surgery procedures, be it plastic surgery or gender surgery, should not be allowed before the age of 18. But if someone over the age of 18 is born as male being their sex but feel like their gender is female then I have no issue with them transitioning. Gender is like a spectrum, which even the redpilled manosphere, unknowingly or not, agrees with when they preach about manliness like masculine is on one end and ”soyboys” or feminine qualities is on the other side and it functions like a slider. Basically, if you are able to compare someone’s masculinity, saying someone is more masculine, then you basically acknowledge that gender is not A or B, but you can be something ”in between”.
    So, if someone is born woth a penis but is on the gender spectrum far from traditional masculinity and feel more comfortable and natural like that and want to have the surgery, then feel free. I want people to have the freedom to do that and let them live their lives without gatekeeping or harrassing them.

    Yeah I am not sure how those 2 things can exist simultaneously in general.  It’s either one or the other. I am sure we could find isolated cases of each of those but that does not mean they are happening wholesale or are systemic

    I think it can. People supporting trans rights give them their backing, but people opposing don’t. LGBT people, especially trans people are still over 4 times more likely to be attacked and victims of hate crimes.
    And I do worry about how the recent incident is going to affect them, if people are going to go full vigilante mode on them when people like Tucker Carlson and other ghouls are painting it as the transgender movement is trying to destroy christians or some shit.


    All this stupid fanboys that have no self control lying to themselves pretending the changes aren’t woke are pathetic and one of the reason this shit keeps happening, THEY know exactly that you have no self control and will buy and pay for their woke trash so they keep doing it.

    Slightly off topic but this is another example that reminds me of the horseshoe theory, where people far on the left and right are becoming more alike than different. Whereas people talk about leftist cancel culture and snowflake behaviour, I find it really pathetic that a principal gets forced to resign after teaching about the Renaissance and showing the iconic Michelangelo’s David statue which happens to have a weiner.

    It’s in no way sexual or pornographic, it’s literally just a statue. The students were 12 year old so not babies anymore, they 100% already know about genitals. It’s not like boys discover their weiner in the shower as a 12 year old and fucking perish from the discovery.

    I strongly believe 12 year old don’t have to be censored and banned from seeing genitals as long as it’s informative like sex ed or a non-sexual or pornographic material like an old starue from the Rennaisance. That’s just ridiculous to me.


      I’m starting this thread in celebration of my first day of work… in a comic shop!


      Enjoy these (hopefully) funny stories, and please share any funny work stories you have :3


      Customre n. 1: Dad looking for manga recs to read with son

      Dad: I’m lookin for something to read with my son, something similar to Dragon Ball, but not One Piece

      Me: Maybe he’ll like Naruto…

      Dad: Is it suitable for a kid his age? (points at 5 year old)

      My brain remembering what episode of Naruto i’ve just watched


      Me: (stutters) yeah… it should be fine

      Dad: You don’t seem so sure (worried)

      Me: (shrugs) I watched it as a kid


      Customer n. 2: Girl in crutches

      Girl: (has Girls Last Tour vol. 6 in hand) Do you have the first 5 volumes of this?

      Me: I’ll check, lemme see who publishes it, i’m new … it’s your lucky day, we got all af ’em

      Girl: Thanks (tries to manuver around crutches to carry manga)

      Me: I can help carry them if you wanna look around somemore

      Girl: No it’s ok, i’ll just put them in my backpack

      Me: No, it’s fine, i’ll help (DO YOU TAKE ME FOR AN IDIOT?!!)


      Customer n. 3: I’m looking for lgbt manga recs

      My total BL experience:
      One crappy 90s OVA

      Me: (Tries to sound knowledgeble) Do you prefere something more comedic or romantic? (please say comedic, please say comedic)

      C3: I like finny stuff

      Me: (i’m saved) How about Nakamura-kun?


      Customer n. 4: That is not for kids!

      What’s better than a nice trip to the comic shop with your kids? These nice parents who actually let their kids buy something (seriously the amount of a-hole parents who dragged their kids there buying stacks of manga for themselves and not even letting their kids get a miserly pack of pokemon cards) might think otherwise after this trip

      Kid: Mommy daddy, can i get this one?

      Holds up a manga that’s:
      Plastic wrapped
      Has big volumptious anime tiddies on cover
      And character wearing lengerie 5 sizes too small

      That my dear Watson, is a Hentai

      Mom: (rippes the manga out of kid’s hands in a panic) N-no darling, this one is not for kids

      The dreadded look on the parents face as they await the inevitable “Whyyyyyy?”


      All in all i’d say it was a good first day of work, and i did manage to sell some shit :D

      Total merch sold:

      – Naruto vol. 1
      – Jujutsu Kaisen vol. 0
      – Girls’ Last Tour vol. 1-6
      – Dandandan vol. 3-4
      – Daredevil n. 5
      – Happy Shitty Life vol. 3
      – Girl From The Other Side vol. 1
      – Naruto funko pop
      – Dragon Ball Goku funko pop
      – Bleach Ichigo funko pop
      – Naruto Sasuke action figure
      – Death Note poster
      – Haikyu vol. 1
      – Attack On Titan vol. 27
      – Jujutsu Kaisen Itadori & Gojo funko pops
      – Made In Abyss vol. 7-8
      – 20th Century Boys perfect edition vol. 1

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      Vermont bans a high school from athletics for objecting to boys in girls’ sports

      The rot of gender ideology continues to make its way through the sports world. Now, liberals are punishing high school athletes in the name of “gender affirmation.”

      What have they done now?

      Mid Vermont Christian, a high school in White River Junction, Vermont, is the latest target of leftist ire. The school’s girls’ basketball team forfeited a Division IV playoff game against Long Trail because Long Trail had a boy on its team. “We believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players,” MVCS Head of School Vicky Fogg said.

      Female sports for BIOLOGICAL FEMALES!  That is how it should be!

      As a result, the entire school is being punished. The Vermont Principals’ Association, the governing body for high school sports in the state, unanimously voted to ban Mid Vermont Christian from all “VPA-sanctioned activities and tournaments.”

      That is wrong!

      Yes, Mid Vermont Christian, if you want to protect the safety of your female athletes and ensure that they are playing in fair competitions, you have no place in Vermont high school athletics. When you signed up to play girls’ basketball, you signed up to play against boys. It’s just that simple.

      That is exactly what these woke libtards want.

      The VPA alleged that Mid Vermont Christian violated the organization’s policy on discrimination and harassment by refusing to force its girls to play basketball against a boy.

      By discrimination against ALL Mid Vermont Christian players, coaches, students and parents.

      This wasn’t done to uphold the sanctity of VPA’s policies. It was done as a warning to other schools that recognize how unfair it is to force its girls’ teams to play against boys. Bend the knee to gender ideology, or you too will be banned from all sports. The VPA, like other liberals pushing this, want silence and complicity, and they don’t care how many high schoolers they have to punish to achieve it.

      That is now the NAZIS gained and took control of a nation.

      Nothing else is allow, or you will be crucified for believing in religion and science!

      The question of fairness is beyond dispute, as male athletes have distinct physical and athletic advantages compared to female athletes, even at the high school level. But even the question of safety has been disregarded by the VPA. Basketball is a physical sport, and protecting girls from a male athlete that has natural strength advantages should be a priority.

      Submit, become silent, and bow down to our ideology!

      Right so teaching sex to kids is not a faulty idea it’s the kids fault.  That’s sick.

      that’s a nice strawman argument. I didn’t say it’s anyone’s fault. The humor doesn’t apply to the whole class.

      I’ve already explained myself a couple times but basically at 12 everyone already knows what sex is. Most people (especially boys) have experienced masturbation. So teaching the potential dangers of unprotected sex etc is in my opinion a good idea before it’s too late and mistakes are made.

      A Minnesota court can’t overturn science – but it can destroy women’s sport

      It would appear that allowing male bodied athletes to compete against females is now a human right.


      …a transwoman, filed lawsuits in 2019 and 2021 accusing the organisation of discrimination for banning the powerlifter from competing. The court ruled that USA Powerlifting was “making a person pretend to be something different”  and had violated the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

      By this person “pretending” to be female, you mean.

      And they violated this person’s delusional fantasy?

      How is this fair? In the UK sport is specifically addressed by the Equality Act 2010 and the Gender Recognition Act 2004 because of the biological differences between the female and male sexes. Most competitive sports are sex segregated, in order to eliminate indirect discrimination which occurs if females are put at a particular disadvantage when compared with men in a mixed-sex setting.

      As it should be.

      Female sports for BIOLOGICAL FEMALES!

      Fitness data from over 85,000 Australian children aged 9 to 17 showed that, compared with nine-year-old females, nine-year-old males were significantly faster in sprints, could jump further, could complete 33 per cent more push-ups and had a stronger grip. This shows that even before puberty there are male physical advantages.

      That is SCIENCE!  That is undisputed FACTS!

      There is no such assumption based on ‘gender’, which is not innate or biological but rather socially constructed. Keeping sports single sex is based on hard evidence regarding biological sex.

      Sadly, activist judges don’t care.

      It is not a ‘gender based assumption’ to say that boys are bigger and stronger than girls, it is merely, in the vast majority of cases, a fact. Girls and women will self-exclude from such sports if men, whether they identify as female or not, which will lead to actual discrimination.

      Or cases like that pervert L.Thomas who got off showing his male genitalia to the females in the change rooms, or how many rapists will make the claim of being trans/female so they can be locked up with biological females and sexually abuse them in an enclosed space.

      In the meantime, USA Powerlifting in Minnesota has just two weeks to revise its single-sex policy, meaning that natal male athletes will soon be able to compete in the women’s category. This would lead to the end of women’s sports, and this decision must be challenged. Let’s maintain female only sports and allow those women and girls that wish to compete with males, trans or otherwise, to do just that. Let’s see how popular it is.

      Sadly, the woke/leftoids WANT to destroy females, female sports, etc.


      Look, this topic is not an easy topic, I know I talk about it with ease but that’s only because I have 20 years experience dealing with this mental disorder. So I want to make something very clear, we are not talking about a person that thinks little girls & boys are attractive, there are many more men that find underage girls attractive than we can ever imagine.
      What I am talking about are the ones that have an actual attraction to kids, the ones that want to be with them in every way.
      Pedophilia stems from a state of arrested development where the guy never really grew out of his attraction to kids as he grew up. Many don’t get girlfriends their age so they find them less attractive as he gets older but the kids don’t. Also if you look at all these groomers & all the ones that get busted & stuff like that, many are severely immature, as if they are stuck in a state of arrested development. They play with toys, they watch a lot of cartoons & anime & think on the most basic levels, never have any hindsight & they screw up.
      Now, there are also the guys that are abused themselves, it’s what they learned & sometimes history repeats itself, but there are also many other factors, but it all stems from a state of arrested development.
      Most pedophiles will never act on their desires & that is good, I do not hate them because I will never hear about them &that is a virtuous pedo. But when you have a person that has admitted that he wants to engage with a minor & he struggles to not do it, that is not a good person & the stigma that he feels is Just. You might think it sucks & you might pity him but if you console him & tell him that it’s alright, he’s doing good by not acting & you like him, human behavior will make him feel safe, accepted & that he is normal. Then with that 2 things can happen. 1, he starts being more aggressive with his pursuit of kids because he no longer feels as bad about it or 2, all those guards he was putting up are lowered & he becomes more careless & puts kids in danger because he got too loose.

      There is also this very misguided belief that they cannot seek help because it does not exist OR if they seek help they will be reported.
      So to set the record straight, There are psychologists that specialize in pedophilia, they are not called pedo psychologists, they are Sexologists. Not all of them deal with pedophiles but you can call a sexologist up & request a contact of 1. They will oblige you.  (I don’t mean you as in YOU, I am using you as a general term, btw)
      2nd & extremely important. YES, the doctor will absolutely create a profile & a file of the patient. That is 100% fine & normal & Every psychologist will do it for any patient regardless of the patient. They have a legal obligation to create a file for everybody. I have a file with my psychologist because I am on Long Term Disability for depression & anxiety for 2 years now . The files are required. Now what happens with the file is completely up to the doctor & I will tell you what he takes into consideration: Is the patient a danger to himself or others. If NO, the doctor will keep the record private. If yes, the doctor has a legal obligation to report the patient.
      Meaning if the doctor things the patient could/will hurt himself he has to report. If he feels a child is in danger, then of course he has to report. In that report he details the state of the patient & surveillance is required or if an investigation for an arrest should be made.
      It’s absolutely fine for the doctor to do that because lives are at risk or the safety of a child is at risk.
      Finally the stigma associated to them is just because they have the ultimate crime, damaging a child. It’s not just the child that suffers at the hands of a child molester, everybody around the child, Present & Future will have to deal with the collateral damage that has happened. That is the tragedy that we must prevent at all costs.
      It sucks that some of them are abused as they were kids themselves, I pity the child for sure, but if he turns out to be a child abuser, my pity & heart turn stone cold because he is an adult & had every opportunity to get help.
      I always say, I would sooner sit at a table filled with Murderers & Thieves than sit at a table with 1 child molester. It’s really very simple, you can forgive & reason any crime, including Murder, that is why murder is sometimes tried as a Crime of Passion & the killer gets off or gets a light sentence because he killed the person as an act that was out of his control, like women that murder their abusers or infidelity. But child molestation does not fall under the crimes of passion, even though it is a form of passion, it’s rape or molestation.
      Steven Crowder said it best “Child abuse is the ultimate power dynamic. A child cannot do anything against the force of a full grown man.”
      Lastly, you cannot equate the sexual deviance of homosexuality to pedophilia because there is no victim is homosexuality (I am not talking about religious matters in this) But the reason why LGBT has always been entangled  with pedophilia is because there are large groups of gay men that are part of a group called NAMBLA: the North American Man Boy Love Association. They have been trying since the 70-80s to get coverage by the LGBT community, but the LGBT have always denied them. That was good & that is why I supported the LGBT. But I have no idea, no fucking idea at all how in mid 2022 LGBT started targeting kids. Now I do not think at all that they changed their mind about NAMBLA. What I believe happened was that NAMBLA got their loudest members to start fighting as hard & as loud as possible to drown out the resistance so the world will think that Pedophilia & Child grooming were not pedophilia & child grooming & that somehow, Homosexual kids, which was never a thing, were all of a sudden in danger & they had to rescue them from Conservative families. And then the lunatic Left marched for them with zero thought or hindsight, because the pedophiles finally found the gap in the armor.
      Now we have major groups like LGB Alliance or Gays Against Groomers or LGB Without The T.
      Like I said, I have been fighting this fight for decades, it is soul crushing, especially now since people turn away from men like me that call out the Pedosexual movement & we get banned & punished & labeled hateful all because the world is afraid of being canceled or called out. I’m not going to stop fighting these demons as long as I breath.
      I hope I don’t have to say anything more about this because this is not “An Interesting Topic” it absolutely is not an interesting topic. You really need to stop philosophizing this because the sly ones know how to manipulate intelligent men into considering the other side & feeling sorry for them.


        Imo sex-ed (and by that i mean reproduction and puberty and the concequences of certain actions) should start in middle school, which is when kids are the avarege age they’re starting to go thru puberty, not to sexualize them, but to (attempt to) prevent them from doing something stupid


        many students had the immature humor so often times during class the back row boys were just laughing because ”LOL weiner haha”

        My school started sex-ed in highschool and we were still going “LOL weiner haha” the whole time…

        In my school we had sex education starting towards the end of elementary school. It consisted mainly of explaining things like menstruation cycle, contraceptives and how they work, STDs and stuff. I had no problem with that but I feel like many students had the immature humor so often times during class the back row boys were just laughing because ”LOL weiner haha”. But yeah I see no problem in it since it’s educational.

        I think at that age students are old enough to comprehend what sex and genitals are (like having their first masturbation and boys comprehending erections) and they start going through changes because of puberty, but the students are still obviously young enough to not have experienced sex yet so the education is taught before anything bad can occur. That’s just my two cents in the matter.


          Sex ed was taught in schools way back when I was in school…. And to be very blunt, the Kids could have taught the teachers a few things…. Seriously by 12 Kids know all about it if not already have done it in some cases. Not a new thing either for these new generations, PSSSTTTT Marriage in ancient times was as young as 13.

          Should it be taught in school? As part of Biology Science yes. But in that limited capacity as part of Biological reproduction and Propagation of species. But that is also a very deep topic when you get in to many other species. Human reproduction is pretty simple, human sexual activity is very broad and hence we have “The Kamasutra”

          The real question is should any thing “Non Scientifically Biology” be taught and that answer is NO! Leave the Propaganda and Agendas out of Class.  And I guess to be clear  “Non Scientifically Biology” = anything that is not related to Male and Female reproduction I.E. Boys have a Penis, Girls have a Vagina, and these idiots who claim non-binary give me a Head-ache and no its not a TUMOR.

          Have you seen the things they have done with Marvel and Star Wars and other franchises?

          Midjourney is one of the most popular pieces of AI software that allows users to create beautiful AI-generated artwork by simply entering a text-based prompt that describes the image.

          Never thought A.I. would take off so fast. Basically, people text in what they would like to see and the AI generates pictures and art around their ideas. Recently, there was a roundtable and Jed was talking about Phoenicians and that might be a good idea and put in like Phoenicians as and Epic 300 style movie or something like that. If you are a creative person, this AI artwork is just another tool for someone to use to produce their visions and dreams. Like ILM, any storyteller or director has used technology to give the public the movies and shows that we are all familiar with. It seems like a good way to generate concept art, even if you can draw well or are an artist yourself.

          SteamPunk Star Wars

          They have some for Marvel characters as Cowboys in the Wild west. There are also ones for Marvel Characters as Samurai. Marvel in the Victorian Era is another idea. A lot of these things have been done in comics, but it’s interesting to see what the AI comes up with.

          What if countries had their own StormTroopers?


          It’s not at all unusual for homosexuality to manifest itself at that age or earlier. Of course there is no sexual desire at that age, because the hormones aren’t active before puberty. So perhaps homosexuality is the wrong term.

          But for example gay men will often tell you that they were either very effeminate as boys, or liked playing with dolls or dress in girls clothing as early back as they can remember. When you ask them at what age they knew they were gay, the

          “In their 1995 report, Bailey and Kenneth Zucker revealed that, in retrospective studies (the second method used to examine the relation between childhood behavior and adult sexual orientation, in which adults simply answer questions about their childhoods) 89 percent of randomly sampled gay men recalled cross-sex-typed childhood behaviors exceeding the heterosexual median. ”

          There’s a reason parents since the dawn of civilization have worried when their son put on makeup or played with dolls. It usually meant: no grandkids from this one.

          Of course nowadays the waters have become murky, since kids are bombared with propaganda in schools or from celebrities as you mentioned that being lgbt is hip. It also means you become untouchable to bullies. Any bully picking on a gay kid these days is harshly punished, while bullying disabled kid or autistic kid or just normal white kid is all but encouraged. Kids will do virtually anything to avoid being bullied. So nowadays you have a lot of “fake gay” kids trying to jump onto the gravy train.


          Appellate court rules in favor of separating school bathrooms based on sex

          The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit ruled that separating bathrooms based on sex doesn’t violate the Constitution or Title IX…

          That sounds like common sense.

          The case, Adams v. Sch. Bd. of St. Johns Cty, revolved around whether or not St. Johns County School Board in Florida violated a transgender student’s rights by prohibiting the student, a biological female who identifies as a boy, from using the boys’ bathroom at Allen D. Nease High School.

          A biological female should use the female’s bathrooms/changerooms.

          A biological male should use the male’s bathrooms/changerooms.

          The court ruled en banc that the United States has a long tradition of segregating certain spaces, such as bathrooms, on the basis of sex, without falling afoul of either the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment or Title IX, which prohibits sex-based discrimination in education. As such, the student’s rights weren’t violated.

          Finally!  A ruling based on law, traditional common law, and the constitution.

          And not only that, but…

          In arguing that the school didn’t violate the rights of transgender students, the court documented the school’s many attempts to accommodate LGBT students.

          You can accommodate them without making other students (the vast majority) to feel uncomfortable/unable to use the washrooms/changerooms because someone of the opposite biological sex is/might be in those “safe spaces”.  Including gender “neutral” bathrooms.

          We are hearing more and more stories how “unsafe” those spaces have become in recent years.


          And here we have another one!

          Ohio teacher sues after she refuses to affirm students’ gender identity

          An Ohio middle school teacher is suing her former district, school board and education officials, claiming she was forced to resign after she refused to use students’ preferred names and pronouns. The teacher, Vivian Geraghty, said her constitutionally protected religious beliefs prevented her from doing so.

          When will these school boards stop this.

          About a week after the students requested the changes ( be referenced with pronouns inconsistent with the student’s sex..), the school’s counselor emailed Geraghty and several other teachers to ask them to do so, the lawsuit says.

          But Geraghty refused, saying in the lawsuit that “according to her Christian faith,” “rejection of one’s biological sex is a rejection of the image of God within that person,” and that going against that belief would be “immoral.” She also said in the lawsuit that acceptance of gender identity rather that is different from their biological sex is “harmful to the child because it is untrue.”

          As the vast majority grow out of this phase, pushing this falsehood is indeed harmful.

          A few days later, on August 26, she says she met with the school’s principal, Kacy Carter, and the district’s director of curriculum and instruction,  Monica Myers, in hopes of “reaching a solution” that would allow her to continue teaching without violating her beliefs. According to the suit, they told her that she was “required to put her beliefs aside as a public servant,” and Geraghty said she could not. That refusal amounted to insubordination, and they allegedly told her that she would have to resign.

          Insubordination?  For not following the woke agenda and standing up for her rights?  They call that insubordination?

          “I was asked to conform to students’ gender identities that opposed my religious beliefs. Unequivocally and unapologetically, I will not do so,” she says in the letter. “While some may say this is forcing my beliefs on others, I say this is standing up for the mission that every teacher should fight for.”

          A teacher should always stand for truth and in education.  Not this indoctrination garbage the woke is forcing into schools.

          The Jackson Local School District said last week that it “always will strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all of our nearly 6,000 students in which to learn.”

          That sounds like they will also be allowing biological boys into girls washrooms, changerooms, and female sports.

          Yet that statement also makes it clear that providing to strive for a safe, comfortable environment for their teachers is NOT something the school distinct once.

          I do hope Vivian Geraghty wins, and wins BIG.

          This discrimination against religion and religious belief has to end.  It has no place in the US (or any nation for that matter).

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