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    Which NFL Teams has the best looking NFL Helmet Logo ?

    My list of the best looking NFL Helmet Lego.

    Dallas Cowboys

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Houston Texans

    Las Vegas Raiders

    Green Bay Packers

    Buffalo Bills



    Which NFL Team has the looking Team Lego ?

    My list of the best looking NFL Team Lego.

    Minnesota Vikings

    Buffalo Bills

    Green Bay Packers

    San Francisco 49ers

    Las Vegas Raiders

    Houston Texans

    Dallas Cowboys


    Maine board members criticized for supporting proposed gender identity policy face recall

    Two members of a Maine school board are at the mercy of voters after a motion for a recall election was recognized at an emergency board meeting on Monday.

    Julia Lester and Sarah Otterson are facing a recall effort after nearly 700 community members signed a petition for their removal. The Paris Select Board voted 4-1 to recognize the effort, placing the board members’ futures in the community’s hands.

    What did those two do to cause so many parents demanding a recall vote?

    The two members previously supported the district’s proposed gender identity policy, which caught criticism from parents who claimed the initiative would keep them in the dark about their child’s gender identity and expression.

    So the recall is warrented!

    The policy, which would apply to students in grades K-12, also outlined students’ pronoun preferences and which locker rooms and bathrooms they would prefer to use at school, according to CBS 13 in Paris, Maine.

    “I don’t want boys to be able to go into the girls room, and vice versa, and I have nothing against anybody who wants to live a certain lifestyle, I just don’t care, but I’d be worried if my grandchild was there, my little granddaughter and boys could go into the bathroom,” Paris Select board member Scott McElravy said.

    Protecting female spaces!  Protecting females!

    Another person in attendance, Aaron Norton, who is behind the petition against Otterson and Lester, echoed complaints that the gender identity policy promoted “secrecy” and hindered parents’ “right to know.”

    Which is exactly what such policies are for, to help them indoctrinate your children to their agenda.

    “Our schools should not essentially be promoting children to live a double life, one where they are one person at school and another at home, which can be mentally and emotionally taxing,”…

    How else can they create NPC’s…

    While many are outraged by the proposed policy, the district claimed the initiative would help protect students belonging to LGBTQ+ by offering a “safe space” for students whose parents oppose their elected gender expression.

    While tramping on everyone else’s rights and “safe spaces”!

    Concerned parents have battled local schools in recent months over gender ideology they say has no place in education.

    Many have urged schools to instead focus on academic achievement, particularly in light of recent poor findings in terms of math and reading scores…

    Because as an NPC, you don’t need an education, only indoctrination.

    Vote those groomers out!


    LeBron James is done with the Dallas Cowboys after response to kneeling protests

    The Dallas Cowboys have lost a fan in LeBron James.

    During an Instagram Live with his business partner Maverick Carter on Thursday night, James said he’s done rooting for the Cowboys after the organization’s response to players kneeling during the national anthem.

    The top jester’s is only a fan of himself.

    …James said. “… The organization was like ‘if you do that around here, you won’t ever play for this franchise again.’ I just didn’t think that was appropriate.”

    As is there right.  If you are an employee, you work within the corporate culture the firm decides.

    “America’s team” owner Jerry Jones gave his players pretty clear messaging about racial injustice protests in 2017, pioneered by Colin Kaepernick.

    “If there’s anything that is disrespectful to the flag, then we will not play. OK? Understand? If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period” Jones said.

    So it took LeJoke 5 years to make up his mind that some sports franchises won’t tolerant disrespect for the National Flag (and Anthem).

    And you WON’T be missed.

    OH, BTW: MJ is the G.O.A.T.

    You are just a marxist/CCP lover.

    I would add… too many teachers would rather not deal with the learning differences between boys and girls, and instead of teaching that they will label the boys as ADHD and having them drugged up (when they are just asking like boys).

    They want to pretend their is no genders, or force everyone to learn like a female (when that does not work for males).

    Or force gender dysphoria onto their students.

    They are pushing sex education to even younger ages, in order to groom them.

    At one time, sex was taught at home then the parents knew they were mentally strong enough to understand it.

    Then at school, it was the last year of high school (18 year olds).

    Before than, pre-marital pregnancy and teen pregnancy was almost unheard of.

    Then they began lower the age they taught sex, and guess what, that age people were having sex and getting pregnant dropped to.

    Then they lowered the age of it being taught, and guess what, the age of sex and pregnancy dropped along with it.

    Do you see a pattern here?  How they want not just teens to learn (and have sex/get pregnant), they want pre-teens and even those under ten years of age to learn about and have sex…. not just with each other (kids of the same age), but to eventually include ageism (pedos).


    This is all part of the attack against the family, our children, the future of our nation/culture, etc.


    And when you speak up, they will try to demonize you, label you an -ist and -ism.


    In reply to: TV – General Chat

    Anne Rice died and now, they have a new vampire series? They are even swapping vampires now?
    Anyway, this is a series, but off topic, I heard a rumor about the new Blade. New Marvel Blade movie might have Dracula as the villain and the guy in the role is the actor that plays HomeLander in The Boys. Now, that would be cool and good casting and good villain. Homelander as Dracula in Marvel Blade movie.

    INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE Trailer 3 (2022) Sam Reid, Jacob Anderson, Series


    In reply to: #Comicsgate Thread

    Yeah. This is desperate.

    At least now when CG Gaymes come along we can invite the mario kart boys to laugh at it too. WHo says CG doesnt unite people?

    Grade 1 teacher who said boys and girls no different in ‘gender fluidity’ lesson cleared by rights tribunal

    When a Grade One teacher at an Ottawa elementary school told her class about gender fluidity and that there was no such thing as boys and girls, Pam Buffone’s daughter was left confused and unsettled, the mother says.

    Get them as early as you can, so you can DESTROY their lives with their LIES.

    She and her husband eventually complained to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, alleging the school had discriminated against the six-year-old based on her sex and gender identity.

    Their DAUGHTER is FEMALE.  FACT!  But not to the extreme toxic far alt-left lunatics.

    But a tribunal adjudicator has just ruled the Ottawa public-school board did not violate the girl’s rights with its gender-themed instruction, saying there was no direct evidence she was harmed by the material.

    It may mark the first legal ruling in Canada on what has become — in the United States at least — a hot-button issue: the appropriateness of teaching primary-aged school children about gender identity.

    By deliberately CONFUSING and LYING to her about “gender identity”?

    She says the tribunal decision left her bitterly disappointed.

    “A girl can go to school knowing she’s a girl and come home unsure of who she is because schools are meddling with children’s identities by completely disregarding biological reality as a relevant and important personal characteristic — now with the full support of the (tribunal),” she said by email.

    Indoctrination of wokeism and ignoring science and biological FACTS, and the said that the tribunal uses is that;

    …would run counter to the provincial Human Rights Code, policies of the Human Rights Commission and case law of the tribunal.

    So, you cannot be a FEMALE, since they can force you to be anything BUT be a biological FEMALE.  This is how much they left HATES biological females.

    Quite frankly, there is an irreconcilable clash of worldviews in our society right now, and that is reflected in this decision,” she said in a statement.

    “Respecting the inherent human dignity of gender-diverse people, through inclusion and acceptance, is a very different goal than inculcating all children into thinking that their sex is a fiction or that they must have a gender identity.”

    When the left live in a delusion, that to them is real live.  Then have to spread that insanity to everything they touch.

    But the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board noted in an email Tuesday that the tribunal essentially found the board’s current policies to be in line with the human-rights code.

    “The decision affirms the importance of nurturing learning environments for students of all ages, that are inclusive and representative of all gender identities.”


    How many MALES have they in the past, are currently, and will in the future, mutilate their genitals on this sacrifice to the woke agenda?

    How many FEMALES will have their bodies/minds destroyed on this agenda?

    But health professionals who treat young people with gender dysphoria — the sense of not belonging to one’s birth sex — say that affirming and supporting those feelings at school and elsewhere is key to their mental health and wellbeing.

    And yet the mental and physical damage that “HELP” causes is almost never mentioned/talked about, otherwise the public would see how barbaric it is.

    Permanent pain.  High percentage of people who want to revert back to their original bodies after the mistakes of transitioning.  The higher percentage then the general population who self-terminate because of the mental damage these transitioning caused.

    The rush to fix a problem they created by making it bugger problem, is ignored.

    Instead of dealing with the mental issues of “gender identity”, they are trying to normalize it and stigmatize everyone else for not belonging to this horrible “social engineering” propaganda.

    Th extreme toxic far alt-left ARE a threat to western civilization.  FACT!

    Elections matter. Elections have consequences. Matters a lot. Wouldn’t expect anyone from Finland to get it because their Prime Minister dances and parties and does drugs and does not take things seriously. Doesn’t seem like she thinks Putin is much of a threat. Did Alex Jones leak that or was that an act of incompetence of behalf of his lawyer?

    Alex and Trump are both very brave. Someone just murdered the daughter of Alexander Dugin. Anyone who speaks out against Globohomo perversion is likely to get the Michael Hastings treatment. It’s brave to speak out against lockdowns, vaccines, invader assault, Monkeypox rape of household pets, etc. Speaking of slander, Brian Stelter just resigned in disgrace after CNN lost millions in their quest to slander American boys as racists. Low ratings from CNN Fake News, so when I hear WEF talking points repeated here, they can only be scoffed at.


    Matt Walsh makes a video on the topic. It was so rushed. A couple drops of blood was all it took. I was ok with the girly scenes where the girls help her in the bathroom and then at the end, when her colleague told her to be sure to save the shoes. The shoe thing was the only time I chuckled a little bit. Other fans have mentioned it already, but this show, even with the bad CGI, had vast potential. They just don’t have it, but if this show took The Boys route, and actually mocked and was parody of all those chick shows, it would be awesome. As of now, this one goes up there with Loki and Ms. Marvel in terms of how fast I dump it. It’s cringe. Also, what is weird is that Wonder Woman with Linda Carter was just a little bit before my time and I watch clips of it on youtube, and it’s so bad that it’s actually good. The effects and acting is corny, but it actually entertains. That is something to think about, that today’s shows cannot even beat those of the 70s? They should have it down to a formula of what works after all this time. Marvel used to be so good. One generation later, it looks pretty bad.


    Does it bother anyone that Splatoon 3 no longer has specific gender options? I know Animal Crossing: New Horizons did the same thing. Kind of concerning that Nintendo is somewhat going of a woke path by having boys with girl hair and girls with boy hair.
    Splatoon 3

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    • This topic was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by PJR1597.

    “Batgirl,” the feature film adaptation of the DC Comics character, has been killed at Warner Bros., Variety has confirmed. It will not premiere on any platform at the studio — neither theatrically nor on HBO Max.

    The production — starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) and directed by “Bad Boys for Life” and “Ms. Marvel” filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah — was greenlit in 2021 as part of a company-wide effort at Warner Bros. to create feature films specifically for HBO Max. But the new corporate regime at Warner Bros. Discovery has pivoted the company’s priorities back to theatrical features, leaving “Batgirl” without a proper home.

    Batman & Robin got a theatrical release.  Catwoman got a theatrical release.  Zack Snyder’s Justice League even got a theatrical release.  How does a finished product just get scrapped?

    Thread title left open as even more cancellations are expected this week.


    At least up here in Canada, in the 80’s:

    It was all about merit, not the pigment of you skin.

    It was about teams, team work, and team sports (not individual).

    It was about about what you can bring to the table, and not what others can give you.

    It was about you being in control of your own destiny, and not because some unknown outside force is oppressing you.

    It was about taking responsibilities for your own choices and actions, and not blaming everyone but yourself for your choices in life.


    The only segregation was boys go to the boys bathrooms/changerooms while girls go to the girls bathrooms/changerooms.

    It was a time when judging one’s actions is a judgement on one individual and not the whole race.

    It was a time when having friends was having friends.  We did not have to say “Oh look, I have a Black friend, a White friend, an Asian friend, an Arab friend, etc.”

    We where all Canadians (living in Canada).  We did not look at color/race like they do today.  We were Canadians first, and we got to enjoy the heritage of our parents, the diversity of the human race.  Growing up watching Star  Trek (reruns) it was always “we the human race”.  It was what brings us all TOGETHER.

    Now, it is what can divide us so they can conquer us.  Distract from the real issues by creating chaos.


    My friends in the 80’s were diverse.  We have people of all colors and of different political views and we did not care.  So what if we disagreed on a point or two, when we agree on a dozen other things.

    When we played street hockey, we did not care about race.  We cared if we had a good time playing together.

    When we played D&D, we did not care about your race.  We cared if we had a good time playing together.

    When we played soccer (world football), we did not care about race.  We cared if we had a good time playing together.

    When we where working together, we did not care about race.  We cared about getting the job done.


    Sure, there was tensions between Nations.  Between world leaders/governments and their policies.  But on a whole NOT the average citizen.

    Some examples:

    We don’t hate Germans because of their Nazi past.

    We don’t hate Russians because of their Soviet past.

    We don’t hate English because of their commonwealth past.

    We don’t hate (any race) because of their past.

    People learn from the past, the good and the bad.  From different cultures.


    IMO, race relations were way better in the 80’s than they are now.

    Today, it has become too political, too much finger pointing, too much blaming and entitlements.

    Too much divide and conquer today.




    Totally agree.  The thing is it is all intentional and they know they are essentially destroying people.  They don’t care so long as they get some use out of them first.


    Your experience as a child sounds very normal to me.  There is nothing wrong with a girl or boy playing with the opposite stuff.  We are all different in that way and it does not mean anything really.  But what we called tomboys (which was simply a young lady who liked some typically boy things) they are pushing them to become trans.  Which is insane and destructive.

    Possibly social pressure is a factor, yes. I recall some news story about teachers who tried to push some girl into becoming a boy because she liked playing with the boy’s toys and was kinda tomboyish. I’m sure the same happens with boys who exhibit even remotely feminie behavior, even if it may just be a phase or simple curiosity. Probably 99% of boys at some point slip into their mom’s high heels and walk around with them for a bit. It’s simple childlike curiosiry as to how it feels to walk in these things, but nowadays it would probably lead to some idiots thinking the boy wants to be a girl.
    All of these cases have something in common: it’s either teachers or parents or school psychologists who push for this treatment, telling kids – as you said – that maybe they would feel better if they changed their gender. That’s insanity.

    It’s such a tragedy. They push people into getting life altering surgery without even doing any diagnostics. No one does the immuno assays etc to confirm the diagnosis. That’s like a person with stomach cramps feeling chest pains and the doctors give them open heart surgery because they’re too lazy to do tests. Or in case of the trans issue for political reasons.
    What’s equally frustrating is when conservatives then fall into a knee jerk reaction of damning open heart surgery. No, the treatment itself isn’t the problem. But it only works for the right condition. Gender reassingment surgery only helps people with pathological gender dysphoria. If doctors don’t establish that diagnosis, they’re playing Russian roulette with people’s lives.
    Every doctor worth his salt will tell you: diagnostics first, treatment second.

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