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  • Have you seen the things they have done with Marvel and Star Wars and other franchises?

    Midjourney is one of the most popular pieces of AI software that allows users to create beautiful AI-generated artwork by simply entering a text-based prompt that describes the image.

    Never thought A.I. would take off so fast. Basically, people text in what they would like to see and the AI generates pictures and art around their ideas. Recently, there was a roundtable and Jed was talking about Phoenicians and that might be a good idea and put in like Phoenicians as and Epic 300 style movie or something like that. If you are a creative person, this AI artwork is just another tool for someone to use to produce their visions and dreams. Like ILM, any storyteller or director has used technology to give the public the movies and shows that we are all familiar with. It seems like a good way to generate concept art, even if you can draw well or are an artist yourself.

    SteamPunk Star Wars

    They have some for Marvel characters as Cowboys in the Wild west. There are also ones for Marvel Characters as Samurai. Marvel in the Victorian Era is another idea. A lot of these things have been done in comics, but it’s interesting to see what the AI comes up with.

    What if countries had their own StormTroopers?


    It’s not at all unusual for homosexuality to manifest itself at that age or earlier. Of course there is no sexual desire at that age, because the hormones aren’t active before puberty. So perhaps homosexuality is the wrong term.

    But for example gay men will often tell you that they were either very effeminate as boys, or liked playing with dolls or dress in girls clothing as early back as they can remember. When you ask them at what age they knew they were gay, the

    “In their 1995 report, Bailey and Kenneth Zucker revealed that, in retrospective studies (the second method used to examine the relation between childhood behavior and adult sexual orientation, in which adults simply answer questions about their childhoods) 89 percent of randomly sampled gay men recalled cross-sex-typed childhood behaviors exceeding the heterosexual median. ”

    There’s a reason parents since the dawn of civilization have worried when their son put on makeup or played with dolls. It usually meant: no grandkids from this one.

    Of course nowadays the waters have become murky, since kids are bombared with propaganda in schools or from celebrities as you mentioned that being lgbt is hip. It also means you become untouchable to bullies. Any bully picking on a gay kid these days is harshly punished, while bullying disabled kid or autistic kid or just normal white kid is all but encouraged. Kids will do virtually anything to avoid being bullied. So nowadays you have a lot of “fake gay” kids trying to jump onto the gravy train.


    Appellate court rules in favor of separating school bathrooms based on sex

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit ruled that separating bathrooms based on sex doesn’t violate the Constitution or Title IX…

    That sounds like common sense.

    The case, Adams v. Sch. Bd. of St. Johns Cty, revolved around whether or not St. Johns County School Board in Florida violated a transgender student’s rights by prohibiting the student, a biological female who identifies as a boy, from using the boys’ bathroom at Allen D. Nease High School.

    A biological female should use the female’s bathrooms/changerooms.

    A biological male should use the male’s bathrooms/changerooms.

    The court ruled en banc that the United States has a long tradition of segregating certain spaces, such as bathrooms, on the basis of sex, without falling afoul of either the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment or Title IX, which prohibits sex-based discrimination in education. As such, the student’s rights weren’t violated.

    Finally!  A ruling based on law, traditional common law, and the constitution.

    And not only that, but…

    In arguing that the school didn’t violate the rights of transgender students, the court documented the school’s many attempts to accommodate LGBT students.

    You can accommodate them without making other students (the vast majority) to feel uncomfortable/unable to use the washrooms/changerooms because someone of the opposite biological sex is/might be in those “safe spaces”.  Including gender “neutral” bathrooms.

    We are hearing more and more stories how “unsafe” those spaces have become in recent years.


    And here we have another one!

    Ohio teacher sues after she refuses to affirm students’ gender identity

    An Ohio middle school teacher is suing her former district, school board and education officials, claiming she was forced to resign after she refused to use students’ preferred names and pronouns. The teacher, Vivian Geraghty, said her constitutionally protected religious beliefs prevented her from doing so.

    When will these school boards stop this.

    About a week after the students requested the changes ( be referenced with pronouns inconsistent with the student’s sex..), the school’s counselor emailed Geraghty and several other teachers to ask them to do so, the lawsuit says.

    But Geraghty refused, saying in the lawsuit that “according to her Christian faith,” “rejection of one’s biological sex is a rejection of the image of God within that person,” and that going against that belief would be “immoral.” She also said in the lawsuit that acceptance of gender identity rather that is different from their biological sex is “harmful to the child because it is untrue.”

    As the vast majority grow out of this phase, pushing this falsehood is indeed harmful.

    A few days later, on August 26, she says she met with the school’s principal, Kacy Carter, and the district’s director of curriculum and instruction,  Monica Myers, in hopes of “reaching a solution” that would allow her to continue teaching without violating her beliefs. According to the suit, they told her that she was “required to put her beliefs aside as a public servant,” and Geraghty said she could not. That refusal amounted to insubordination, and they allegedly told her that she would have to resign.

    Insubordination?  For not following the woke agenda and standing up for her rights?  They call that insubordination?

    “I was asked to conform to students’ gender identities that opposed my religious beliefs. Unequivocally and unapologetically, I will not do so,” she says in the letter. “While some may say this is forcing my beliefs on others, I say this is standing up for the mission that every teacher should fight for.”

    A teacher should always stand for truth and in education.  Not this indoctrination garbage the woke is forcing into schools.

    The Jackson Local School District said last week that it “always will strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all of our nearly 6,000 students in which to learn.”

    That sounds like they will also be allowing biological boys into girls washrooms, changerooms, and female sports.

    Yet that statement also makes it clear that providing to strive for a safe, comfortable environment for their teachers is NOT something the school distinct once.

    I do hope Vivian Geraghty wins, and wins BIG.

    This discrimination against religion and religious belief has to end.  It has no place in the US (or any nation for that matter).

    Woman here and I won’t be changed to “Birthing person” to satisfy crazy people who should be in an asylum. It’s even worse that they’re trying to target people like me who aren’t interested in romantic relationships (sorry boys😂!) as “queer”. Yes sometimes we crush on fictional characters (who doesn’t😅?) but we’re just not interested in romantic relationships in general mostly because we don’t want the drama that comes with it.


      Do you know the Addams family history?  I have to wonder if you do because you would know that line about Pilgrims is something that could be from the comics through all renditions from Wednesday. Her taking down 3 boys, Seriously 2 of us have already told you why it is possible and if you watched the show and listened you would know why she could.

      Why does this show need to represent 2022?

      Answer: BECAUSE ITS SET IN 2022!!!!




      This show is woke. It becomes woke when you can absolutely tell they added in: patriarchy bad, pilgrims bad, girl boss that can take down three large boys….and they do this not for the story but for political bs. Why does this show need to represent 2022? This show could become a classic, they don’t need to be modern.

      You can tell when a show is “woke” and when a show is naturally telling a story, even if it has things that might be considered woke. It’s different. So far, it’s forced in this show.

      To be fair this show isn’t the most woke show there is but I will continue to watch for more and see.


      I’m SO tired of male characters no longer allowed to have male BFFs just in case these idiots make the stupid assumption that they’re gay. They tried to do this with Pixar’s ‘Luca’ last year but luckily the director put his foot down on the SJWs and said that the two lead boys are FRIENDS and nothing more! I’m willing to bet that in the original idea of ‘Strange Worlds’ the two boys on there were supposed to be BFFs but the SJWs down at Disney made them change it in post production.

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      Which NFL Teams has the best looking NFL Helmet Logo ?

      My list of the best looking NFL Helmet Lego.

      Dallas Cowboys

      Pittsburgh Steelers

      Houston Texans

      Las Vegas Raiders

      Green Bay Packers

      Buffalo Bills



      Which NFL Team has the looking Team Lego ?

      My list of the best looking NFL Team Lego.

      Minnesota Vikings

      Buffalo Bills

      Green Bay Packers

      San Francisco 49ers

      Las Vegas Raiders

      Houston Texans

      Dallas Cowboys


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      Maine board members criticized for supporting proposed gender identity policy face recall

      Two members of a Maine school board are at the mercy of voters after a motion for a recall election was recognized at an emergency board meeting on Monday.

      Julia Lester and Sarah Otterson are facing a recall effort after nearly 700 community members signed a petition for their removal. The Paris Select Board voted 4-1 to recognize the effort, placing the board members’ futures in the community’s hands.

      What did those two do to cause so many parents demanding a recall vote?

      The two members previously supported the district’s proposed gender identity policy, which caught criticism from parents who claimed the initiative would keep them in the dark about their child’s gender identity and expression.

      So the recall is warrented!

      The policy, which would apply to students in grades K-12, also outlined students’ pronoun preferences and which locker rooms and bathrooms they would prefer to use at school, according to CBS 13 in Paris, Maine.

      “I don’t want boys to be able to go into the girls room, and vice versa, and I have nothing against anybody who wants to live a certain lifestyle, I just don’t care, but I’d be worried if my grandchild was there, my little granddaughter and boys could go into the bathroom,” Paris Select board member Scott McElravy said.

      Protecting female spaces!  Protecting females!

      Another person in attendance, Aaron Norton, who is behind the petition against Otterson and Lester, echoed complaints that the gender identity policy promoted “secrecy” and hindered parents’ “right to know.”

      Which is exactly what such policies are for, to help them indoctrinate your children to their agenda.

      “Our schools should not essentially be promoting children to live a double life, one where they are one person at school and another at home, which can be mentally and emotionally taxing,”…

      How else can they create NPC’s…

      While many are outraged by the proposed policy, the district claimed the initiative would help protect students belonging to LGBTQ+ by offering a “safe space” for students whose parents oppose their elected gender expression.

      While tramping on everyone else’s rights and “safe spaces”!

      Concerned parents have battled local schools in recent months over gender ideology they say has no place in education.

      Many have urged schools to instead focus on academic achievement, particularly in light of recent poor findings in terms of math and reading scores…

      Because as an NPC, you don’t need an education, only indoctrination.

      Vote those groomers out!


      LeBron James is done with the Dallas Cowboys after response to kneeling protests

      The Dallas Cowboys have lost a fan in LeBron James.

      During an Instagram Live with his business partner Maverick Carter on Thursday night, James said he’s done rooting for the Cowboys after the organization’s response to players kneeling during the national anthem.

      The top jester’s is only a fan of himself.

      …James said. “… The organization was like ‘if you do that around here, you won’t ever play for this franchise again.’ I just didn’t think that was appropriate.”

      As is there right.  If you are an employee, you work within the corporate culture the firm decides.

      “America’s team” owner Jerry Jones gave his players pretty clear messaging about racial injustice protests in 2017, pioneered by Colin Kaepernick.

      “If there’s anything that is disrespectful to the flag, then we will not play. OK? Understand? If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period” Jones said.

      So it took LeJoke 5 years to make up his mind that some sports franchises won’t tolerant disrespect for the National Flag (and Anthem).

      And you WON’T be missed.

      OH, BTW: MJ is the G.O.A.T.

      You are just a marxist/CCP lover.

      I would add… too many teachers would rather not deal with the learning differences between boys and girls, and instead of teaching that they will label the boys as ADHD and having them drugged up (when they are just asking like boys).

      They want to pretend their is no genders, or force everyone to learn like a female (when that does not work for males).

      Or force gender dysphoria onto their students.

      They are pushing sex education to even younger ages, in order to groom them.

      At one time, sex was taught at home then the parents knew they were mentally strong enough to understand it.

      Then at school, it was the last year of high school (18 year olds).

      Before than, pre-marital pregnancy and teen pregnancy was almost unheard of.

      Then they began lower the age they taught sex, and guess what, that age people were having sex and getting pregnant dropped to.

      Then they lowered the age of it being taught, and guess what, the age of sex and pregnancy dropped along with it.

      Do you see a pattern here?  How they want not just teens to learn (and have sex/get pregnant), they want pre-teens and even those under ten years of age to learn about and have sex…. not just with each other (kids of the same age), but to eventually include ageism (pedos).


      This is all part of the attack against the family, our children, the future of our nation/culture, etc.


      And when you speak up, they will try to demonize you, label you an -ist and -ism.


      In reply to: TV – General Chat

      Anne Rice died and now, they have a new vampire series? They are even swapping vampires now?
      Anyway, this is a series, but off topic, I heard a rumor about the new Blade. New Marvel Blade movie might have Dracula as the villain and the guy in the role is the actor that plays HomeLander in The Boys. Now, that would be cool and good casting and good villain. Homelander as Dracula in Marvel Blade movie.

      INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE Trailer 3 (2022) Sam Reid, Jacob Anderson, Series


      In reply to: #Comicsgate Thread

      Yeah. This is desperate.

      At least now when CG Gaymes come along we can invite the mario kart boys to laugh at it too. WHo says CG doesnt unite people?

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