SNL Writers Reportedly Boycotting Over Dave Chappelle

More people are refusing to work with Dave Chappelle if rumors are to be believed. Tomorrow night, Chappelle is hosting Saturday Night Live, which used to be a comedy show, with musical guest Black Star. A couple of days ago, Page Six claimed to have sources telling them that several SNL staff writers will not participate in this week’s show because they’re “so furious that the comedy superstar — who has made transphobic and homophobic jokes — has been chosen to helm the iconic show.” It’s unclear if they’re offended by the transphobia and homophobia or the jokes. One of the show’s writers, Celeste Kim, seemingly posted about Chappelle’s hosting duties in an Instagram story (which, due to the nature of Instagram Stories, is gone now):

“I’m trans and non-binary. I use they/them pronouns. Transphobia is murder and it should be condemned.”

Whatever you say.

The obvious joke here – which I’m sure many have made before me, but here goes anyway – is that, without its writers, Saturday Night Live stands a chance of being funny again. In fact, I’d wager this childish hissy fit is funnier than anything the sketch comedy show has come up with in years. To be fair, Page Six says that these rumors were contested by Dave Chappelle’s representative, who claims that Chappelle experienced “nothing to suggest that there was a boycott” when he met with the writers. Maybe there isn’t, as no one has said anything officially, but that Instagram post suggests at least one writer isn’t happy about Chappelle’s presence.

On the other hand, none of the cast members are sitting out, Page Six says. That includes new addition Molly Kearney, who identifies as non-binary, although Kearney has yet to comment publicly on Chappelle’s hosting gig. And Chappelle – and the show, to its credit – appear to mock the controversy in one of the promos for the episode:

That feels like a confirmation that Chappelle will not be holding back (as much as network television will allow) and that the episode may even lean into the controversy, which is smart. People will be watching for that reason, and if the SNL folks capitalize on it, they could get a lot of attention during the week when word of mouth makes those who’ve given up on the show check out what they missed online. Dave Chappelle will have gotten Saturday Night Live more attention in a single night than the boycotting writers have since they started working there.

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November 12, 2022 at 8:31 am

I like the term “CryBullies.” These people attack him for making harmless jokes as they engage in boycotts and financial sabotage of free-thinkers.

    November 13, 2022 at 10:15 pm

    If they want to put a stop to this kind of thing, they should start firing these people.

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