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INTERVIEW: Adam Nusrallah, Producer of The Stockholms

I’ve been a fan of the folks behind Cyanide & Happiness for a long time and was excited to learn that the creators were teaming with Octopie – the studio behind Tommy Wiseau and Brock LaBorde’s Spaceworld – on a new web series called The Stockholms. Upon hearing the premise of a...

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INTERVIEW: Edmund McMillen On His New Game, Tapeworm

Edmund McMillen is one of the greatest game creators working today, so when the opportunity came to talk with him via email about his new project, Tapeworm, I immediately jumped at the chance. Here, we talk about the origins of the tabletop game, what he’s learned, and a whole lot more. What w...

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INTERVIEW: Half-Truth Follow-Up With Ken Jennings and Richard Garfield

Since speaking with Ken Jennings and Richard Garfield last year about Half-Truth’s Kickstarter campaign, the game has been one of my most anticipated releases of 2020. When I got the opportunity to speak with Mr. Jennings and Mr. Garfield via phone on March 27th ahead of its official release, ...

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INTERVIEW: Digital Influencer Craig “Mini Ladd” Thompson

Craig “Mini Ladd” Thompson is one of the internet’s perennial entertainers, serving not only as a prime example of success in the Youtube space but also of how to utilize that success to give back. When the opportunity arose to interview Thompson via E-mail, I jumped at the chance ...

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Corey Feldman’s (My) Truth Hitting the Internet

It’s a far stone’s throw away from breaking news that Hollywood is corrupt to its core. In the last several years, a little light has been shed on some of the sludge that the elites in the formerly-Golden State have kept hidden from the public for so long. Certainly, no case is more sign...

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“That Star Wars Girl” Thrown Into Twitter Jail

Today’s internet cancel culture has run roughshod through all forms of media and business. From #MeToo to any number of other allegations and Oppression Olympics movements, authoritarian keyboard warriors masquerading as white knights take every opportunity to spread their infection everywhere the...

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