Sony Greenlights Two New Marvel Films for 2023

If you’re a fan of Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man-centric Marvel flicks, then there’s good news on the horizon!  Based on Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s opening weekend, Sony announced two new Marvel movies going to the cinema on June 23rd and October 6th of 2023. These will be in addition to Kraven the Hunter coming to the big screen on January 13th, 2023.

No names, no titles, no indication as to what was in the can for Sony; simply speculation. Olivia Wilde has been dabbling with the idea of a Spider-Woman picture for a minute. The likelihood that one of the slots will be Venom 3 is fairly high. The only official Sony Marvel movie on the books is this January 28th’s Mobius.

Earlier in the week, the Disney side of the Marvel equation did a ton of shuffling around with their release schedule. One date that was summarily axed was October 6th, 2023. There was nothing about a movie scheduled, but it was removed completely in the massive rescheduling. It could be that both Disney and Sony are working on something within a shared universe, and Sony is capitalizing on the gap, so Venom 3 makes sense.

But, in all honesty, 2023 is a long way away. Who might even care about superheroes by then? They’ll all end up being some dot on the 2SLGBTQQAIP+ spectrum, or another, marching against learning about the proud history of America because that’s racist and oppressive. But that’s wild for 2021; add two years to that, remember how different the world was in 2019, and try not to cry.

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