Soul Gets New Trailer in Wake of Disney+ Announcement

“Don’t worry, you can’t crush a soul here; that's what life on Earth is for.”

Disney released a surprise third trailer for Pixar’s Soul early Thursday morning. This comes only days after the film was announced as a Disney+ release for Christmas Day. The trailer displays some more dialogue and visuals, but overall exists more so to reiterate that Disney+ subscribers will have access to the film on December 25th at no extra charge. Nobody at Disney has responded to comments and reports regarding the catastrophic effect this change will have on theaters, including in territories where theaters are open and deemed safe. You can check the clip out here:

This movie has me feeling a lot like Mulan did before seemingly everyone confirmed that it was a bad movie that had also been produced unethically. What I mean is that Soul looks incredible and I can’t wait to see it, but I’m also disheartened and disgusted by the decision to bypass theaters. I can only assume we won’t get a similar deluge of disastrous revelations surrounding this movie once it is out. There have been recent reports that Disney is completely changing their strategy to focus on Disney+ as opposed to theatrical releases. I’m sure the idea of streaming only is appealing to a lot of folks, but I couldn’t be less pleased with the company behind some of my favorite films. And keep in mind, I say company, not studio, since many people seem to confuse the corporate heads with hard-working artists and storytellers. I understand the complex nature of a worldwide pandemic, and it’s been hard on everyone. However, that makes me less inclined to feel sympathy for a huge media conglomerate that recently laid off thousands of hard-working employees. I’ve been hearing so much about how bad this has been for Disney and other film studios, and how they need to recoup some of that money. Again, I understand this, but people like us have suffered worse in loss of jobs, homes, and more. And your average person on the street is much closer to financial ruin than Disney. I wish they would wait for the theaters to re-open rather than putting that industry in peril, as they are so carelessly doing.

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