Star Wars: The Clone Wars Will Return for 12 New Episodes

#CloneWarsSaved. After being abruptly canceled in 2013, the much-loved CGI series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, will be revived. The show’s return was announced during the Clone Wars’ 10th anniversary panel at the San Diego Comic Con, and fans everywhere are crying tears of joy.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will return in 2019 for what seems like one final season of twelve episodes, and will debut on Disney’s upcoming direct-to-consumer streaming service. Fans in attendance at the Hall H Comic Con panel were treated to a beautiful trailer and an epic poster showcasing a bit of what we will see in the new episodes. During the trailer, we’re shown tons of recognizable Clone Trooper helmets while hearing voice-overs of Rex, Commander Cody, and FIVES from the show’s original run. Next, a title card appears mentioning “A war left unfinished… until now” appearing. A sprawling fly-over view of a Republic command station on an unknown planet showcases troopers, vehicles, ships, and more, before centering on Anakin Skywalker, Commander Cody, and Rex. The show’s logo thunders onto the screen, and what comes next is perhaps the highlight of the trailer: slightly older looking versions of Anakin and Obi-wan Kenobi (more closely resembling their appearances in Revenge of the Sith) walk towards the screen, inquiring why they had been called there. Then the screen changes to show a holo-projection of Ahsoka Tano, Anakin’s old padawan who previously left the Jedi Order. “Hello, Master. It’s been a while”, Ahsoka utters, as “#CloneWarsSaved” appears on screen. View the trailer for yourself below.

Created by George Lucas, The Clone Wars originally launched in 2008, and was canceled after five seasons to make room for Star Wars Rebels and, presumably, to shift focus towards The Force Awakens and its eventual sequels The Last Jedi and Episode IX. A handful of episodes then debuted on Netflix as The Lost Missions, but the story was never truly finished. Now, after five years, fans will finally see The Clone Wars through until the end. produced a short interview with producer of The Clone Wars and creator of Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni, where he speaks on what it personally means to him to finish the story:

“Personally, it’s very rewarding. Any opportunity to put the final pieces of the story in place is meaningful as a storyteller. I’m happy for the opportunity to define these things and the end of this part of the Clone War. It also makes me reflect on all the people that I got to work with over the years. It reinforces the things I learned from George. It reminds me of the important elements that go into making Star Wars. So, it’s nice on several levels, and I think for the crew that’s still here that worked on Clone Wars, they feel that, as well.”

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