Stranger Things Season 5 Premiere Gets a Title

The newly anointed Stranger Things Day came and went, reinvigorating fans before the long trudge through the years until season 5’s release. While this day was mainly focused on celebration and camaraderie, a reveal of the franchise’s future was slipped in with the revelry. As announced by the Stranger Things social media accounts, the first episode of the coming season will be titled “The Crawl.” This innocuous title reveals very little about the final season’s plot, keeping things locked down tightly. However, fans leapt upon this announcement with excitement, eagerly awaiting any further news.

Currently, there is no clear announcement regarding the release date of season 5. Previous speculation for 2024 still holds some ground. The remainder of Stranger Things Day passed with lots of fanfare but few revelations, making it underwhelming overall. The long-awaited holiday celebration of this franchise only revealed a single episode’s title. While intriguing and the basis for much theorizing, this title does very little to justify the creation of a holiday. Fans of the series were able to celebrate together and share their love of Stranger Things, so the day was a win in that respect, if nothing else. If Stranger Things Day becomes a yearly event, it may be enough to tide fans over the astronomical distance separating the fourth season from the final one.

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