Studio Ghibli Announces Collaboration With Lucasfilm

Today, Studio Ghibli released a short video announcing a joint project with Lucasfilm. At this point, nothing else is known, but fans speculate whether it could involve Visions season 2. Check out the announcement video here:

Well, you can color me pleasantly surprised! I didn’t expect this to happen, especially since Disney lost the distribution rights to Studio Ghibli’s IP. I imagined the two studios didn’t have the best relationship in light of that. It was rather sad to me; I was a fan of both. John Lasseter and Pete Docter famously idolized Miyazaki and found inspiration in Ghibli’s films. This probably means Ghibli will produce at least one episode of Visions, but I’m excited regardless. 

What do you think Ghibli and Lucasfilm could be working on together? Are you excited? Talk to us in the comments below! 

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