Sweet Baby Inc. Employee Contacts Former Employer of Jeff from SmashTV

The video game journalists/developers/consultants are stepping up their attacks on the other side of what they’ve designated GamerGate 2 (all the while oblivious to the movement’s true mastermind). Their current number-one target seems to be Jeff from Smash JT. Jeff is a figure similar to former Blizzard producer Mark Kern, who goes by Grummz on social media. Like Grummz, Jeff used to work in the gaming industry – he was a recruiter for West Coast video game companies and a quality assurance tester for Sony – and he now works to reform it from the woke-infested nightmare it’s become via his website and YouTube channel. A little over a month ago, Kotaku writer Alyssa Mercante (the one who just challenged gamers to a fight and ran away when Vera Dark accepted, to the shock of zero people) found Jeff’s wife on Facebook and began harassing her with private messages. Now, Sweet Baby Inc. employee Chris Kindred – the one who encouraged people to mass report Kabrutus and his Sweet Baby Inc. Detected curator – has contacted Jeff’s former employer and lied about him to try to get him fired. Jeff made a video about it that you can see below:

Jeff pretty much says it all there, but I’ll answer his question as to why Kindred wouldn’t try to hide that he did this. Because this is a warning, not just to Jeff but to anyone else who might try to publicly oppose Sweet Baby Inc. or their fellow wokesters: “Nice career you have there; be a shame if something happened to it.” They’re trying to intimidate people into silence, just like they did with Kabrutus. That’s the overall message from them and Kotaku (whose editor is apparently okay with Mercante going after people’s families, as Jeff demonstrates in the video), that they will do all they can to ruin your life, and nobody will stop them. Is it going to work? Not really; maybe some people on social media will be scared off, but not enough to take the pressure off these companies. They’re targeting the big guys and failing to shut them up, so any minor thing they do accomplish won’t mean anything in the long run. Moreover, the thugs are on their last legs; Sweet Baby Inc. has become poison for developers, and Kotaku looks like it’s on its way out. Those who remain are acting with impunity while they can because they know the music is about to stop. That doesn’t make it easier for someone like Jeff or, especially, his wife, but the solace is that it will soon pass.

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