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REVIEW: Hit Man (2024)

“A professor moonlighting as a hit man of sorts for his city police department, descends into dangerous, dubious territory when he finds himself attracted to a woman who enlists his services.” –imdb.com Hit Man is a highly enjoyable and somewhat charming movie. Richard Linklater delivers a...

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Andor Season 2 Scene and BTS Photos Revealed

This weekend, photos from the filming of Andor season 2 leaked online. Now, Bespin Bulletin has an exclusive on the scene in question with Cassian (Diego Luna) and Bix (Adria Arjona). Check out their description of the scene here: “It begins with Cassian Andor, who’s got his hood up to keep a l...

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REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 9, “Nobody’s Listening!”

***SPOILERS*** “Nobody’s Listening!” opens on Dedra’s interrogation of Bix. Bix is reluctant to tell her anything, so Dedra hands her over to a doctor with a particularly effective method of questioning. Bix is kept as a witness, and Samuel is executed. Cassian plans an escape with a fellow ...

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REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 3

The first two episodes of Andor have been promising but not amazing, displaying a different look and tone for Star Wars. “Episode 3” is supposed to close out this initial arc, as Cassian meets his official introduction to the Rebellion in Luthen Rael. Let’s have a look. *SPOILERS...

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Adria Arjona on Her Andor Role

ComicBookMovie.com recently sat down with Adria Arjona to discuss her role in the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series Andor. Known for her roles in films like Morbius and 6 Underground, Arjona will play a character named Bix Caleen in Andor. Caleen will be one of Cassian’s closest confidantes in...

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REVIEW: Morbius (2022)

After delay after delay after delay, Sony’s Morbius finally hit theaters this past weekend. Rumored to be the kickoff to Sony’s Sinister Six project and highly anticipated, Morbius follows the story of Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), a scientist with a rare blood disorder whose despera...

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