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The Acolyte’s Star and Showrunner Insult Star Wars Fans, to Nobody’s Shock

This one has been around for a couple of days, but it took me a while to figure out what I thought about it because it seems so weird and random. The Disney+ Star Wars series The Acolyte has now premiered, and by all accounts (which doesn’t include mine because I’m not watching it, so I have &...

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REVIEW: The Acolyte – Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2, “Lost/Found” and “Revenge/Justice”

Well, The Acolyte is finally here. Star Wars fans have been anticipating this series for all the wrong reasons, from its showrunner’s dubious past working with Harvey Weinstein to bad PR to downright confusing dialogue in the trailers. Despite Lucasfilm’s best(?) efforts, I don’t think anyon...

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The Acolyte Clip: “Awake” and Runtimes Revealed

Yesterday, the official Star Wars YouTube channel released a half-minute-long clip from the upcoming Disney+ series The Acolyte, titled “Awake.” Today, they released an even shorter trailer entitled “It’s Coming.” Additionally, Bespin Bulletin has revealed the runtimes for the serie...

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The Acolyte Clip “Conflict” is a Rehash

Today, the official Star Wars YouTube channel dropped one of their now never-ending stream of 30-second clips, this one for The Acolyte. Does this means of marketing their shows annoy anyone else? I don’t need a 30-second non-trailer twice a week. Anyway, this one is just reused material from the ...

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The Phantom Menace Revisited 25 Years Later

As we all know, The Phantom Menace was screened this weekend for its 25th anniversary and Star Wars Day. I was four years old when this movie originally came out, and I *believe* it was my first cinematic experience. But I jumped at the chance to see The Phantom Menace on the big screen again. I ...

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TRAILER: The Acolyte (2024)

Today, Saturday, May the Fourth, the official Star Wars YouTube released a new Acolyte trailer. This clip runs almost two minutes and features a lot of new footage from the upcoming Disney+ series. We see Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) seek to recruit his former Padawan Mae (Amandla Stenberg), Jodie Turn...

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