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Comic-Con 2020: The Boys Season 2 Panel

Billy Butcher bloodied up the online audience at Comic-Con this year. The Boys panel not only featured a scene from season 2 but made a couple of announcements sure to please fans of the show. First, Amazon has officially greenlit a third season, which showrunner Eric Kripke says is currently being ...

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Alex Cross Adaptation in the Works at Amazon

Gary Soneji and Kyle Craig better watch out because Alex Cross is coming to television. Variety exclusively reports that James Patterson’s iconic thriller novels are being adapted into a TV series by Amazon. The books, which began with 1993’s Along Came a Spider, center on the widowed protagonis...

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REVIEW: Carnival Row Season One (2019)

*Warning: Full spoilers for Carnival Row: Season One* Virginia: It seems like ever since Game of Thrones ended (and, to a lesser extent, while it was still on), everyone is trying to create the next big fantasy series. This September’s Carnival Row, courtesy of Amazon Prime, is undoubtedly part of...

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REVIEW: Undone – Season One (2019)

Virginia: On September 13th, Amazon Prime dropped season one of Undone, the next animated series from Tornante. The Michael Eisner-created and owned animation studio previously brought Bojack Horseman and Tuca and Bertie to Netflix. In fact, Undone’s creators/executive producers are none other tha...

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REVIEW: The Boys – Season 1

Subversion has been a hot topic throughout various media in the last several years, much to fans’ chagrin – or delight, depending on who you ask. However, it is the concept of subversion that the new Amazon show The Boys relies on and utilizes to great effect. The Boys is a property I’ve b...

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Samurai Pizza Cats: Official Fan Book Scheduled for Release in March

Who do you call when you want some cheese and pepperoni in your life? The Samurai Pizza Cats, of course! In the early ’90s, a trio of mechanoid feline fighters became the favorite heroes of many afternoon anime aficionados. Samurai Pizza Cats: Official Fan Book is the ultimate celebrati...

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