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Christopher Nolan is Not Directing the Next James Bond Movie

Today saw a bit of wishful thinking sweep social media before it was predictably debunked. Word of Reel ran a story – which they responsibly labeled as a rumor, not that it stopped anyone from taking it as gospel – that Christopher Nolan would be directing at least two or three James Bond movies...

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The Burial Trailer Brings Back the Courtroom Drama

Another movie that probably would’ve been an Awards darling is headed to a streaming service because it’s 2023 and of course it is. Amazon has released a trailer for The Burial, a legal drama based on a true story. Jamie Foxx stars as personal injury lawyer Willie E. Gary, who takes the case of ...

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Gen V Gets a Red Band Trailer

Today, Amazon put out a red band trailer for The Boys spinoff Gen V. We get a good look at the young new heroes in the video, as well as Clancy Brown’s character. Check it out here (and remember, this is a red band trailer, so it’s not safe for work): I don’t feel too strongly ab...

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Invincible Creator Robert Kirkman Talks Diversity

The Amazon animated series Invincible is, at least in part, an apology for past sins. That’s what Robert Kirkman, executive producer of the show and the writer and co-creator of the comic book on which it’s based, said. In an interview with TV Guide, Kirkman was asked about the show’s diversit...

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The Boys Spinoff Gen V Trailer Explodes Online

Today, Amazon Prime released a full red band trailer for Gen V. A spinoff of the streamer’s hit comic book adaptation The Boys, Gen V is set in a college for supes run by the evil corporation Vought International. The series stars Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizzie Broadway, and Maddie Phillips,...

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REVIEW: The Witcher – Season 3 Vol 1 (2023)

Not only has the newest season of Netflix’s The Witcher, season 3 volume 1, been received with all the fanfare and attention that a wet fart is granted, but it has also exceeded all predictions for how horrendous this season would be. The constant disregard and mockery of the source material have ...

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