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Phoebe Waller-Bridge to Helm an Amazon Tomb Raider TV Series

Many modern-day filmmakers and creatives can be characterized as franchise destroyers, creative cancer, or utter frauds, such as anyone out of Bad Reboot. However, few individuals are more deserving of these titles than Phoebe Waller-Bridge, destroyer of James Bond and the soon-to-be destroyer of I...

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Netflix Lied About the Witcher: Blood Origin Viewership

The Witcher: Blood Origin was a universally panned disaster that perfectly closed out one of the worst TV and film years in history while simultaneously ruining many people’s Christmases. It was broken at every conceivable level, from characters, writing, continuity, and worldbuilding to ada...

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Invincible Season 2 Teaser Arrives

Today, Amazon Prime released a teaser for the hotly-anticipated second season of Invincible. Check it out here: I thought Invincible season 1 was just pretty good, but it’s a show that seems better the more I think about it. Aside from the animation and a couple of supporting characters, I thi...

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Witcher Season 3 Cast Additions Compiled

The Witcher: Blood Origin has gone down in history as one of the worst television shows of all time, irrespective of its adaptation integrity. The failure of Blood Origin even throws into question the viability of future Witcher spin-offs like Rats. This, coupled with Henry Cavill’s recasting, has...

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LOTR: The War of the Rohirrim Producer Calls Out Rings of Power

Amazon’s Rings of Power was one the biggest disasters in fantasy history and was soundly rejected by Tolkien fans. Inversely, Warner Bros.’ The War of the Rohirrim prequel anime has been met with a degree of hope and excitement amongst Tolkien fans, enthusiasts, and normies alike, all looking fo...

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Shotgun Wedding Trailer Should Have an Open Bar

Another streaming movie is on deck, and it doesn’t look good. Amazon has released a trailer for Shotgun Wedding, its upcoming action-comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel. The pair play a couple whose lavish destination wedding is taken hostage by a terrorist group and must work through ...

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