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Gerard Butler Will Reprise How to Train Your Dragon Role

Deadline exclusively reports that Gerard Butler is reprising his role as Chief Stoick in the live-action remake of the DreamWorks animated film How to Train Your Dragon. Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and Astrid (America Ferrera) have been recast with Mason Thames and Nico Parker (daughter of Thandiwe Ne...

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REVIEW: Barbie (2023)

This week saw the release of the highly-anticipated Barbie. The world’s most famous and iconic fashion doll hit the market in 1959 and changed the toy industry forever. I loved Barbies as a kid, and I still do. I collect dolls, and when this movie was announced, I was initially very skeptical....

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Barbie Sounds Like Another Woke Lecture

Hollywood isn’t just ruining boys’ fun; they’re coming for the girls now, too. In an interview with Fandango, the cast of Barbie talked about what audiences can expect from the new movie based on the iconic Mattel doll. It’s one of those things that’s simultaneously surprising and not surp...

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Elio Teaser Makes Contact

Today, Disney and Pixar dropped the first teaser for Elio, an original story coming from Pixar in 2024. Elio (Yonas Kibreab) is the young son of a government agent (America Ferrera) trying to handle contact with aliens. The messengers misinterpret a phone message from Elio, taking him for the leader...

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Barbie Posters and Trailer Flood the Internet

Today, Warner Bros. released a barrage of Barbie character posters to promote Greta Gerwig’s upcoming movie. From Margot Robbie’s titular heroine to human pencil pushers, meet the cast here: I love this. I don’t know much about Greta Gerwig, but based on these posters, I suspect ...

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REVIEW: How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

In film discourse, you hear a lot about creativity and the overuse of certain tropes and plot points. However, it’s always interested me that a lot of the most famous and beloved movies contain these tropes and archetypes, and are even celebrated for them. As for me, some of my favorite movies...

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