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Andy Serkis Talks Kino Loy Future

Prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Andor actors Andy Serkis and Genevieve O’Reilly sat down with Entertainment Weekly’s Dagobah Dispatch podcast. Amongst the topics was Kino Loy’s future, if he has one. This fan-favorite character is Serkis’ return to Star Wars following his di...

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SWCE Day 2: Mandalorian, Tales of the Jedi, Andor News

Today at Star Wars Celebration, several smaller tidbits came to light. Tales of the Jedi is getting a second season, with Dave Filoni saying, “Tales of the Jedi was so fun the first time, I decided to do some more.” No release date, episode count, or any other details were announced....

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REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 10, “One Way Out”

**SPOILERS** In “One Way Out,” news spreads across the prison that nobody’s getting out. The ISB find a ship planted by Antor Creeger to lure them in. Marva won’t take her medicine because it makes her nauseous. Mon Mothma meets with Davo Sculdurn, the unscrupulous banker Taye found. She’s...

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REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 9, “Nobody’s Listening!”

***SPOILERS*** “Nobody’s Listening!” opens on Dedra’s interrogation of Bix. Bix is reluctant to tell her anything, so Dedra hands her over to a doctor with a particularly effective method of questioning. Bix is kept as a witness, and Samuel is executed. Cassian plans an escape with a fellow ...

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Andy Serkis Clarifies Andor Role Not Connected to Snoke

Andy Serkis recently spoke to Vanity Fair about his role in Andor. The actor discussed his admiration for Rogue One and clarified that his character in Andor, Kino Loy, has no connection to his role of Supreme Leader Snoke in the sequel trilogy. Check out an excerpt here:  “It’s a d...

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REVIEW: The Batman (2022)

Matt Reeves’s daring re-imagining of the Caped Crusader, The Batman, released this weekend to undying praise from fans and critics alike. But does it live up to the hype? Many fans whom Hollywood has repeatedly burned in the past went into The Batman highly skeptical of whether this cast and crew ...

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