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Video Game Stray to be Adapted as an Animated Movie

After the success of last year’s Nimona, Annapurna Animation is growing, taking on several projects, one of which, according to Entertainment Weekly, is an adaptation of last year’s video game Stray. Stray is a sci-fi adventure game where you play as a cat navigating a futuristic urban landscape...

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Review: Stray (2022)

Initially, Stray had a lot going for it. People of all ages and cultures love cats, and playing as one in a game is novel and cute. It’s developed by an indie studio and published by Annapurna, a studio well-liked for their critically acclaimed indie darlings like Outer Wilds and What Remains ...

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Nimona Back in Production at Netflix and Annapurna

Nimona, the last film from Blue Sky Studios, has been revived by Netflix and Annapurna. This comes following Disney’s acquisition and dissolution of Blue Sky and cancellation of Nimona. The film will be a techno-medieval world unique in the medium of animation and follow Knight Ballister Boldh...

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