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Red Sonja Movie Will Avoid the Male Gaze, Says Star

Pour one out for the male gaze. A remake – or reboot, or re-adaptation, or whatever they decide is the most marketable phrase you probably can’t find in a dictionary – of Red Sonja is on the way, and it’s going to be safe for modern audiences, if not box office returns. Actually, a new Red...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in Another Christmas Movie

Turbo Man is coming back to theaters, but he’ll have a different costume this time. Deadline exclusively reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger is teaming up with Reacher star Alan Ritchson for the Christmas family comedy The Man with the Bag. The Amazon MGM Studios film finds Santa Claus enlisting th...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Star in Action Movie Breakout

FUBAR is only the beginning of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s planned comeback. Deadline exclusively reports that Arnold has signed on to star in Breakout, an upcoming action movie from Scott Waugh, the director of the upcoming Expendables 4. Arnold will play Terry Reynolds, who travels to an as-yet-unna...

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New FUBAR Trailer Shows Arnold in Action

Arnold’s back, and like his fellow action legend Sylvester Stallone, he’s setting his sights on streaming. Netflix has released a full trailer for the upcoming action-comedy series FUBAR, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold plays a retired spy who plans to spend his twilight years focusing on...

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Arnold is Back in FUBAR Trailer

When a guy’s catchphrase is “I’ll be back,” you have to figure he won’t let old age keep him down. Netflix has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming spy action-comedy series FUBAR, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. FUBAR sees Arnold play a former CIA agent who postpones his retirement w...

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New Predator Movie Coming From Disney

One of Hollywood’s deadliest aliens is going on one last hunt. Deadline reports that Disney is moving forward with a fifth Predator movie. The new film will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who previously helmed 10 Cloverfield Lane, as well as an episode of The Boys and Black Mirror. This will not...

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