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REVIEW: Gotham – Season 5, Episode 2 “Trespassers”

When we last left Gotham, Tabitha had been killed by Penguin, Nygma was at war with himself and Bruce had finally earned his place in No Man’s Land. The promo promised a battle with Jeremiah and even gave us a glimpse of the Dark Knight himself. I knew the latter wouldn’t be happening until ...

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REVIEW: Gotham – Season 5, Episode 1 “Zero Year”

In many ways, I felt the season 4 finale of Gotham had bought many of the series’ arcs to a close, most notably with Bruce and Gordon standing together at the end, repeating the line Gordon had told Bruce in the pilot. So when season 5 was announced as a final chapter, I was incredibly &hellip...

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Why I’m Excited: Young Justice: Outsiders

MILD SPOILERS AHEAD! I’m a sucker for 90s animation. I remember watching Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s  Batman: The Animated Series every night on Cartoon Network at 6:00 and 6:30 (yes, I remember the time; don’t judge me). It had a darkness to it, and a noir sensibility that, in many ways, is t...

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Justice League: One Year Later

Justice League is a movie I had been waiting for nearly my entire life. I remember being six years old and watching Superfriends and getting so excited whenever I heard that theme and the retro narration. Back then, I didn’t care how cheesy it was; all I cared about was seeing Superman and the ...

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Why I’m Excited: Gotham Season 5

Ever since Batman: The Animated Series I’ve been fascinated with Batman on TV. Yes, the 60s TV show was its own kind of awesome, but it was the animated show that really lit the fires of my imagination. So when I first saw the headline that Fox was developing a Batman TV, show my mind began &hell...

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Geeks + Gamers Staff Halloween Picks: Comic Books

The spookiest of seasons is upon us, and to appease the Ancient Gods of junk culture, nothing is closer to those old penny dreadfuls which saw the birth of Gothic Romances from Victorian times (spawning those scary, gory, and graphic stories appealing to humanity’s most primal and darkest inst...

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