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Why I’m Excited: Pennyworth

Batman has gone through a myriad of iterations over the years; yet, for every comic book adventure, every movie, and every TV show, Alfred has always been there to dispense advice and patch up the Caped Crusader. In many ways, Alfred has gone through just as much change as the Dark Knight himself, a...

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REVIEW: Gotham – Season 5, Episode 12 “The Beginning…”

Last week, Bane was beaten, Batgirl got a name, and Bruce set off for parts unknown. This week’s episode, “The Beginning…” represents the fulfillment of a long-held promise: when Gotham aired its final episode, Bruce would don the cape. While it was initially believed that th...

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Margot Robbie’s Birds of Prey Movie Has Wrapped

Harley Quinn is finally emancipated as production on the Cathy Yan-directed DC adaptation Birds of Prey has finally wrapped. This is a project I’ve been following for a long time, going back to when it looked as though the next appearance of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s character was going to ...

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Final Trailer for Gotham Series Finale Arrives Online

We caught an early glimpse of Batman’s beginning as the full trailer for the Gotham series finale has been released. Normally I try to avoid trailers like this, but this one was just too intriguing. Check out the Gotham series finale trailer below: At first blush, we have a smattering of scenes wi...

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REVIEW: Gotham – Season 5, Episode 11, “They Did What?”

On the last episode of Gotham, Bane’s attack continued, Alfred broke his back, and General Wade ordered an attack on the city. A part of me was a bit miffed about the fact that the producers had insisted on a glorified Dark Knight Rises adaptation, yet I can’t deny that this storyline has served...

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Iain Glen to Play Bruce Wayne on Titans

Winter has come for Bruce Wayne. Deadline reports that Game of Thrones star Iain Glen has been cast in the recurring role of Batman’s alter ego for season 2 of Titans. Over the last year or so, I’ve noticed more of a willingness to allow the Bat Family proper to appear on television. Yes, we’v...

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