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Henry Cavill Talks Superman

Henry Cavill is keeping hope alive. In a conversation with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz at the 92nd Street Y in New York, Cavill talked about his return as Superman to the DC movies. (Are we still calling it the DCEU? I guess that remains to be seen.) He discussed whether he thought it would happen, &h...

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Henry Cavill Announces Return as Superman

Henry Cavill isn’t finished playing the Man of Steel. Now that Black Adam has had its opening weekend, Cavill posted a video on his Instagram account announcing that he will be playing Superman in the DCEU again. Instagram is a pain with embeds, but you can watch Cavill’s video below or in its f...

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REVIEW: Black Adam (2022)

Dwayne Johnson has been tied to the role of Teth Adam for fifteen years at this point. First discussed in 2007, The People’s Champ finally confirmed his casting in September 2014. He promised the film would stay true to the character, shake things up, and make fans happy by bringing the antihe...

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DC Looking to Bring Back Henry Cavill and More Insider Info

In an exclusive report, The Hollywood Reporter states that even though there is a battle inside DC and Warner Bros. on the direction of Superman, Henry Cavill is again in the top running to play the character. Now that Discovery owns WarnerMedia, it would seem that they are looking to make some chan...

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New Black Adam Trailer Seeks Revenge

Disney had a little competition coming out of the gate this weekend because Warner Bros. Discovery released a new Black Adam trailer. The latest movie in the DCEU (maybe; it’s hard to know what’s going on over there right now), Black Adam stars Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson as the title characte...

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Which DC Movies are Safe?

David Zaslav’s DC shake-up is catching those working on the films off-guard. After shelving Batgirl and Supergirl (the latter hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it’s most likely gone), The Hollywood Reporter’s insiders tell them that there is an unease among those in the DC film divis...

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