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Call of Duty’s Free Pride Month Bundle May Buy Activision a Lot of Trouble

Activision is kicking off pride month by opening itself up to a lawsuit – that is to say, another lawsuit. As part of what will assuredly be another interminable bout of rainbow marketing, the video game company (which is actually Activision Blizzard after the two companies merged) has released a ...

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Next Call of Duty Game Coming Straight to Game Pass

Xbox’s desperation is showing. Last week, Microsoft’s senior public relations manager, Brian Hilderbrand, said the reason Xbox was closing some Bethesda studios and merging others was because Game Pass – the Xbox subscription service – was losing money on video game sales by allowing gamers ...

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Email Reveals Activision’s DEI Mania

Someone at Activision wants the whole world to know how excruciating it must be to work there. The video game publisher of Call of Duty, some Crash Bandicoot games, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 send out emails to their employees, keeping them abreast of all their woke initiatives, policies, an...

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Modern Warfare’s Vladamir Makarov and the Nature of Evil

It’s hard to believe now, but back in the day, you couldn’t keep a Call of Duty game on the shelf. On release day, there were hundreds of people in line at Best Buy, GameStop, GameCrazy, Walmart, you name it. If it sold video games, we were there, picking up our orders at midnight. It’s &helli...

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Melanin Gamers Launches The Toxicity Rating

In the wake of the Sweet Baby Inc. blowup, the gaming community is shining a light on the various consulting firms trying to woke-ify video games. The latest exposed cockroach is a group called Melanin Gamers, diversity and inclusion consultants who, according to their website, “help identify barr...

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Video Game Producer Mark Kern Talks Sweet Baby Inc. and ESG in Gaming

Have you been questioning the sanity of video game developers using consulting companies like Sweet Baby Inc. when it seems abundantly clear that gamers don’t like the changes they “suggest”? Today, an expert explained what their reasoning is. Mark Kern, a former producer at Blizzard Entertain...

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