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REVIEW: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 16, Episodes 1-3

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is finally back after a shortened season 15 and a nearly two-year hiatus with the first three episodes of season 16. Was the wait worth it? Is the magic that has kept this show going for so long still there? Are “The Gang Inflates,” “Frank Shoots Every Membe...

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The Mandalorian Seeks Emmys For Lizzo and Jack Black

You read that correctly, folks; Disney seriously wants Emmy consideration for the cringey cameos in The Mandalorian season 3. Disney has a for your consideration page for The Mandalorian on their website, listing each category and potential competitor here. In particular, Lizzo and Jack Black st...

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Marvel Gains Rights to Stan Lee’s Likeness

The final barrier between Marvel and the complete and utter desecration of Stan Lee’s grave has finally been removed, as they now own the rights to his likeness. Marvel’s usage of this great man is no longer limited to merely pushing NFTs on his Twitter account. Now, Marvel’s con...

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