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Paramount Won’t Censor Movies or Television

Paramount just gave freedom of expression the high sign. The Guardian reports that Paramount CEO Bob Bakish commented on censoring art, something that’s become all the rage among entertainment companies in the Woke Era. While in the UK promoting a deal with Sky that would give Sky Cinema subscribe...

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Disney+ Possibly Excluding Song of the South, Dumbo Crow Scenes

About a week ago, The Boardwalk Times broke the news that the Disney+ streaming platform would be excluding the film Song of the South as well as scenes from the original Dumbo featuring the crow characters. You can see the original story here. I was instantly intrigued by this story, but I was hopi...

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A Suicide Bomber Sits in the Library Graphic Novel Censored Through Twitter SJW Activism, CBLDF Stays Quiet

Abrams canceled the publication of a graphic novel on its ComicsArts list, A Suicide Bomber Sits in the Library by Jack Gantos (author of Rotten Ralph) and Dave McKean (illustrator better known for his Sandman covers) after the backlash it received from SJWs on Twitter because of its subject matter;...

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