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Bob Iger Extends Contract, Comments on Strikes

Disney has extended CEO Bob Iger’s contract to 2026. It was previously supposed to end in 2024. Additionally, he recently spoke to CNBC’s David Faber about the Writer’s Guild and Actor’s Guild Strikes. Check out what Iger had to say here (via Variety): “It’s very disturbing to me. We’v...

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Disney Reveals Bob Chapek’s Salary, Severance Package

This Tuesday, Disney released some numbers that had previously been shrouded in mystery. Included was former CEO Bob Chapek’s 2022 salary of $24.2 million, which is slightly lower than in 2021. Additionally, Chapek will receive a severance package of $20 million. The package will consist of $12.6 ...

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Bob Iger Orders Employees Back to Workplace

Just a couple of months after returning as Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger ordered hybrid employees to report to the physical office at least four days a week. Most similarly-sized companies require two or three days a week. This takes effect beginning on Monday, March 1st. Check out Iger’s email...

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Bob Iger Addresses Hiring Freeze, Don’t Say Gay in Town Hall

In his first town hall after returning as Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger upheld the hiring freeze instituted by Bob Chapek. At least for the time being, the layoffs stand, and those departments will not hire. However, he took a stand against Chapek’s wishy-washy stance on Florida’s “...

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Bob Iger’s New Salary, Gameplan, and More Revealed

New information has come to light in the wake of Bob Iger’s shocking return to Disney last night. Reports show that Iger is taking a pay cut from what he earned at Disney in 2021, being paid $1 million per year as a base salary. However, Iger is also entitled to a $1 million annual …

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Bob Iger Returning as Disney CEO

This Sunday evening, Disney’s board of directors announced the decision to dethrone Bob Chapek as CEO and re-install Bob Iger. This comes following a new, multi-year contract Chapek signed in June. Check out a statement from Susan Arnold, chairman of the board, here: “We thank Bob Chapek for...

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