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The DoctorDonna Returns – Doctor Who 60th Anniversary News

After nearly fourteen years since these two star-powered characters shared their final moments together, the iconic duo, The Doctor and Donna Noble, will be reuniting for a mystery project surrounding the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special, according to the BBC. At this time, nothing is known for s...

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Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils Fallout

Doctor Who: Legends of the Sea Devils just released, marking the beginning of the end for this tenuous, at best, era of the beloved British sci-fi series. In a strange divergence from the legendarily bad episodes that have personified Chris Chibnall’s era, the majority of Legends of the Sea Devils...

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Details of Jodie Whittaker’s Regeneration Revealed

The end is nigh; the nightmare is soon coming to a swift end, yet will its conclusion mark salvation or the final damnation? After years of vile and accusatory Doctor Who shoved down the fans’ throats by Jodie Whittaker, Chris Chibnall, and the BBC, their reign of terror is nearly over. This rapid...

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The Problem with Current Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker has cemented herself in the hearts and minds of Doctor Who fans as the worst actor ever to take up the iconic role of the Doctor. Her run alongside showrunner Chris Chibnall on Doctor Who has been filled with hate and disrespect hurled at the very fans that support the show. As their...

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A New Era for Doctor Who – Doctor Who Series 14 in Production?

As reported by the Independent Talent Agency, the agency that represents many Doctor Who actors and producers, Doctor Who Series 14 might currently be in production. Producers Phil Collinson and Vicki Delow are hard at work with returning showrunner Russell T. Davies to breathe new life into...

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