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Taika Waititi Involved with Animated Flash Gordon Film

Deadline reports that Taika Waitit, the acclaimed Thor: Ragnarok and What We Do in the Shadows director, has signed on to develop a new adaptation of Flash Gordon. However, the exact nature of his role in the project is unknown. This will be an animated adaptation of the property, a medium with wh...

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Doug Ernst’s Soulfinder: Demon’s Match IGG Comic Book Campaign is Here!

The history of the consumer hashtag #ComicsGate is a complicated one. But there’s a group of people who have certainly impacted the development of the struggle to make comic books great and viable again; Englentine from I Love Comics, Captain Frugal, and Washington Times journalist Doug Ernst ...

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DC Comics takes Tom King off of Main Batman Book

New reports indicate that Eisner-winning DC Comics writer Tom King has been removed from the main Batman book. This would result in the writer’s 100-issue exclusivity deal on the comic being cut short to just over 80 issues, with his last now being #85. Under Tom King, Bruce Wayne has been reduced...

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Ethan Van Sciver Departs Comicsgate

While Comicsgate – as an idea and as a mindset – has been around for much longer, the movement didn’t begin gaining real traction until 2017. What is Comicsgate? For those not yet educated in the matter, Comicsgate is a consumer-driven movement in retaliation to the prevailing practices within...

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Stan Lee: Remembering a Titan

If there is one name in comics that you could bring up to virtually anyone, it’s Stan Lee. Let’s just be frank here; the man is a true legend, and although there are numerous creators through the Golden and Silver ages of comics that have contributed (in no small way) to the universes we all &he...

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REVIEW: The Last Line – Issue 1 (2018)

As the mainstream comics industry lags in sales, independent comics are on the rise, with controversial figures like Ethan Van Sciver and Richard C. Meyer the most prominent faces of the burgeoning market. One enterprising new company hoping to make a name for themselves on the indie comics circuit ...

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