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Gladiator II Trailer Looks Familiar

Grab your sword and sandals because Ridley Scott is taking you back to Rome. Today, Paramount released a trailer for Gladiator II, the long-gestating sequel to the 2000 semi-historical epic that won Best Picture and Best Actor at the Academy Awards. Set over twenty years after the original, Gladiato...

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Nobody Sequel to Film in 2023

A Collider exclusive reveals that a sequel to Nobody is hopefully being filmed beginning in 2023. Nobody saw Bob Odenkirk in the role of a retired hitman trying to lead a normal life with his family. His past violent tendencies bubble to the top when he experiences a home invasion, feeling helpless ...

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REVIEW: Nobody (2021)

When I first saw the trailer for Nobody, I thought it looked exactly like John Wick if his wife hadn’t died. A former killer pretending to be a regular guy gets sucked back into the life and all that. I’m also not overly familiar with Connie Nielsen or Bob Odenkirk, having only seen the...

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