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Gina Carano Sues Disney and Lucasfilm

Disney and Lucasfilm are about to learn that a fight isn’t over till both sides say it is. In a Twitter – now X – post, Gina Carano announced that she is suing the studios for discrimination and wrongful termination. As she explains, this is a result of X CEO Elon Musk’s offer to arrange &he...

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Disney World Still Profitable, Not Cutting Frontline Staff

Disney Parks chief Josh D’Amaro appeared at the JP Morgan Technology, Media & Communications Conference Monday and clarified the state of things at Disney World. He claims the company’s war with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hasn’t impacted plans as much as some claim. D’...

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Bryson Gray’s Number 1 Song “Let’s Go Brandon” BANNED On YouTube For “Medical Misinformation”

Rapper Bryson Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon” lyric and music videos were removed from YouTube and given a strike for “medical misinformation” relating to content in the video. YouTube initially removed the lyric video but kept the music video, according to Bryson Gray ...

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Novak Djokovic Likely Misses Out on Aussie Open Because of Vaccine Mandate

Novak Djokovic is standing up for what he believes in. In doing so, he becomes quite possibly the highest-profile professional athlete to do so, joining a small but growing contingent of pros who are putting their money where their mouth is. Djokovic has yet to step on the court since dropping the U...

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San Jose Sharks Evander Kane Suspended 21 Games

San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane is back in the news again. This time, he ran afoul of the NHL’s COVID protocols and will be subject to a 21-game suspension for breaking these superfluous, idiotic rules. Care of the NHL’s Players Association, Kane released this statement: “I would like to...

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Howard Stern and Cenk Uygur Take Shots at Joe Rogan

Despite losing relevance and facing plummeting search traffic since exclusively broadcasting on Spotify, Joe Rogan has found himself the “prettiest girl at the dance.” Specifically, he’s catching the ire of two of the biggest ghouls in media, Howard Stern and Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks....

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