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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 10 “Marathon”

Now that “Crisis on Infinite Earths” has come and gone, The Flash returns with “Marathon,” a breather of an episode about people who refuse to take a breather. “Marathon” deals with the fallout of Crisis while setting up the second half of the season (since the Bloodwork storyline has be...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 10 “Fadeout”

Having watched Arrow from the very beginning while in my college dorm, hoping for a Smallville  spiritual successor, “Fadeout”bought up a lot of emotions for me. I really wanted this finale  to reward fans for not only sticking with the show for eight years but for supporting the birt...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 6 “Reset”

We’re officially in the second half of Arrow’s final season. Overall, the season has been pretty good, so when I found out that David Ramsey, who portrays Diggle on the show, would directing “Reset” – which would see the return of Paul Blackthorne’s Quentin Lance – I was excite...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 5 “Prochnost”

Much like previous episodes of Arrow this season, “Prochnost” is an homage to season 5, specifically the flashback portion of that season. Over the course of the first few seasons of the show, this was a storyline for which Arrow fans had been clamoring, so I’m glad to see Oliver’s p...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 4 “Present Tense”

With Future Team Arrow joining Oliver and Co. in the present, I couldn’t wait to see what the producers bought us in “Present Tense” as the farewell run of Arrow continued its trek toward the crossover and, subsequently, the series finale. *SPOILERS* “Present Tense” begins ...

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REVIEW: Arrow Season 8, Episode 3 “Leap of Faith”

After last week’s trip to Hong Kong, I was excited to revisit one of my favorite locales in not only the Arrowverse but also the DC Universe as a whole: Nanda Parbat. While many fans took issue with this storyline in season 3, I felt the producers portrayed the League of Assassins in a way &hellip...

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