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REVIEW: Arrow Season 8, Episode 3 “Leap of Faith”

After last week’s trip to Hong Kong, I was excited to revisit one of my favorite locales in not only the Arrowverse but also the DC Universe as a whole: Nanda Parbat. While many fans took issue with this storyline in season 3, I felt the producers portrayed the League of Assassins in a way &hellip...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 2 “Welcome to Hong Kong”

Last week on Arrow, our heroes escaped Earth-2 as it disappeared. With Stephen Amell saying that episode 2, titled “Welcome to Hong Kong,” would be an ode to season 3, considered by some fans to be where the show began to falter, I was curious to see how that would play out. *SPOILERS* &...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 8, Episode 1 “Starling City”

Arrow season 8 was something I initially felt was unnecessary. Given how season 7 ended, it almost felt redundant in my mind. Whatever plot threads that were left could’ve been wrapped up in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. All of this is to say that season 8 had a lot to pro...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 7, Episode 21 “Living Proof”

*SPOILERS* Last week’s cover for Roy (who is still back and I’m so happy!) put Team Arrow between a rock and a hard place – some figuratively, and in Oliver’s case a bit more literally. At the end of the last episode, Emiko brought the house down on the team; now, we learn that she … ...

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