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Stargirl Renewed For Season 2 at CW

Stargirl is about to make another move. Variety reports that the Geoff Johns DC series has officially been renewed for season 2. However, the show will move from DC Universe to its broadcast home on the CW, where it’s been replaying every week since it first premiered on the streaming service back...

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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 5 “Reunion”

Flash Forward has been building for what is now five of its six-issue run. Each new chapter has been a fun romp through the DC Multiverse, with Wally West encountering new or long-since-seen characters across the various worlds that he’s saved from the rampaging dark matter. But each chapter has...

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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 4 “Flash of Two Worlds”

It necessitates only a cursory once-over of the first few issues of the Flash Forward miniseries to understand precisely what acclaimed writer Scott Lobdell and superstar artist Brett Booth set out to do: return classic Wally West to prominence within the DC Universe and restore the facets of his ch...

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REVIEW: Flash Forward – Ch. 3 “Free Fall”

In today’s era, comics are becoming measurably less fun, more ideologically driven, or just plain dreary. The rare gem of a book that allows the reader to come away with a sense of hope is now just that much more of a diamond in the rough. There are times when heroes must be pushed to …

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This Year in Batman

Five years ago, as I noodled with my blog, I came across a fantastic Bruce Timm-produced Batman animated short featuring our beloved Bat characters Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis as they fought to defend the Bat Cave. It was the perfect way to celebrate our dear Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary....

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Comic-Con 2019: Young Justice Renewed for Season 4

In the wake of several exciting announcements at Comic-Con this weekend, DC animation fans should stay whelmed for another season of Young Justice. The show, which centers on a plethora of DC sidekicks, received new life last year courtesy of DC’s streaming service, DC Universe, after fans campaig...

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