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REVIEW: Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure – Season 2, Episode 2 “The Return of Quaid”

*Spoilers* In “The Return of Quaid,” the Baron’s lackey Anthony the Weasel shows up demanding money from everyone in Varaderos. Rapunzel tries to inspire them to stand up to him, but it’s to no avail. They find a statue of Captain Quaid, who Eugene explains was a pillar of the community ...

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The Fairest of Them All

Starting in 1937 with the first feature-length animated film ever produced, Disney has become synonymous with their animated princesses. The glorification of the princess archetype by the Disney Princesses has come under considerable criticism in the recent years, with people claiming it sets a poor...

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REVIEW: Pocahontas (1995)

Following a period of financial prosperity and critical adoration, Disney released Pocahontas to disappointing box office and critical reception. Artists and storytellers at Disney expected their biggest hit yet, but it wasn’t to be.   Pocahontas tells the fictionalized account of the Powhata...

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