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Disneyland Workers May Vote to Strike Next Week

Another Disney park may be shutting down soon. USA Today reports that 14,000 Disneyland cast members belonging to a union called Disney Workers Rising will vote next week on whether or not to strike. Essentially, they want more money, claiming they can barely make ends meet anymore – one member s...

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Disney World Gets Rid of Classic Character’s Meet & Greet

If you’re a fan of Tinkerbell, I regret to inform you that you will no longer be able to meet her at Disney World. Tinkerbell never returned to the Town Square Theater at the Magic Kingdom (a location she shares with Mickey Mouse) when Disney reopened their parks after being shut down due to COVID...

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Disney Losing Faith in Rey??

When one thinks of the Disney theme parks, discounted and/or cheap merchandise doesn’t usually enter one’s mind. When you’re headed to one of their theme parks, you know you’re going to be forking over some serious cash for food, hotels, drinks, and especially souvenirs. So imagine our surpr...

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Woman Assaulted at Pixar Pier in Disneyland

“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” may be lulling Disneyland guests into a false sense of security. Today was the first day of Pixar Fest at the theme park, an event that lasts till August 24, celebrating the films of one of Disney’s more prestigious acquisitions. There are parades, food, games, an...

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Disney Parks Will Crack Down on Disability Scammers

Disney does not appreciate being scammed. The New York Post reports that Disney’s American theme parks, Disney World and Disneyland, are updating their rules to make it harder for guests to take unfair advantage of their Disability Access Service program, or DAS. DAS allows qualifying parkgoers ...

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RUMOR: Details on Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Expansion “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain”

Some details about Disney World’s planned expansion of The Magic Kingdom may have just leaked. Mickey Views has heard from its “trusted sources” that the project, which is being called Beyond Big Thunder Mountain, is going to remove Frontier Land from the park and replace it with three other �...

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