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Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson to Return for Daredevil: Born Again

It looks like Marvel has finally come to their senses, at least to a certain extent. In a blog post on Insneider exclusive to his paying subscribers, Jeff Sneider says that Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson will return as Karen Page and Foggy Nelson for Daredevil: Born Again. Previously, the two wer...

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REVIEW: Echo (2024)

I imagine I’m starting to sound like a broken record when talking about whatever the newest Marvel series is, but they all have the same problems. Echo is the latest example of Marvel’s disinterest in its own product, simultaneously rushed and slow, edited to incomprehensibility, lacking even r...

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New Echo Trailer is All About Kingpin

Echo is only five days away, and Marvel is upping the publicity ante with a new trailer. This one, unsurprisingly, does not focus on the title character but Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, the fan-favorite (for good reason) villain from Daredevil – and, to a much lesser extent, Hawkeye – who...

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Leaked Echo Footage Shows Fight with Daredevil

The upcoming Marvel series Echo is headed to Disney+ with little fanfare, and a recent leak seems designed to spark some. Twitter account Daredevil Updates has shared footage of a fight between the title character and Daredevil, played once again by Charlie Cox. Little has been reported about it ye...

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New Echo Trailer Features Daredevil

Marvel’s next Disney+ series is sprouting horns. Yesterday, the studio released a new trailer for Echo, the upcoming spin-off of Hawkeye. Echo follows underworld assassin Maya Lopez as she returns to her hometown and reconnects with her Native American heritage while the Kingpin and his minions p...

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Marvel Introduces Marvel Spotlight Label

Marvel is looking to uncomplicate the increasingly complicated MCU. Well, not exactly; they’re mostly trying to get people to watch their content again. But they have a new idea about how to do it. While screening the first two episodes of Echo at the Choctaw Nation’s annual powwow, Marvel unve...

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