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TRAILER: Arcane Season 2 (2024)

Today, Netflix dropped the first full trailer for Arcane season 2. This follows a couple of short teasers and news that GKids will release season 1 for purchase. The trailer also informs us that this will be the final season, but that doesn’t mean League of Legends is done with Netflix. Check it o...

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Fallout Prime Show Puts the Wastes On Screen

The Fallout games are a classic series of post-apocalyptic adventure RPGs, with the most recent installment (Fallout 76) released in 2020. Fallout features a whole wasteland full of lore, characters, and humor, making it an ideal inspiration for a streaming series like Prime Video’s 2024 release. ...

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REVIEW: Amazon’s Fallout Season 1

Developed by Interplay Productions way back in 1997, the original Fallout was a role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world decades after a nuclear war between the US and China, with a retro-futuristic aesthetic and turn-based combat. The player begins as a “Vault Dweller” who must venture...

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Fallout and Hollywood’s Slowly Shifting Attitude Towards Fans

That new Fallout show appears to be a pleasant surprise for fans of the video games. It’s got good audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, and the Critical Drinker seems to like it (I haven’t watched his video yet because I haven’t seen the show; I never played the games, but Walton Gogg...

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Fallout Trailer Depicts a Pretty Apocalypse

Amazon is wading into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Today, the streamer released a trailer for Fallout, the upcoming adaptation of the popular video game series. Written by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, Fallout follows a group of characters 200 years after a nuclear war turned the world into a waste...

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REVIEW: Arcane Season 1 (2021)

I know I’m about a month late to the game, but I just finished the Netflix League of Legends series Arcane. I didn’t know anything about the game and had thought it would be similar to World of Warcraft, with all the traditional fantasy trappings that the title Arcane suggests. My assumptions en...

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