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Agatha Harkness Show Gets a Final Title

Did the Agatha Harkness show have its real title set all along? Probably not, but that’s what Marvel wants us to think. Today, at Disney’s upfront presentation (via The Hollywood Reporter), the series’ stars, Kathryn Hahn, Patti Lupone, and Joe Locke, announced the show’s final title: Agatha...

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Kelsey Grammer Silenced by Paramount for Trump Support

Frasier Crane may be listening, but Paramount doesn’t want anyone to hear what he has to say. During an interview with BBC to promote the revival of his classic sitcom Frasier, Kelsey Grammer was asked whether he was still a supporter of President Donald Trump, as he was in 2016 and 2020. Grammer ...

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RIP Arleen Sorkin, the Original Harley Quinn

Thursday, actress Arleen Sorkin passed away of multiple sclerosis at the age of 67. She was best known as the original voice of Harley Quinn, originating the character in Batman: The Animated Series. according to Harley’s co-creator Paul Dini, a personal friend of Sorkin’s, she was the i...

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Top 10 Christmas Episodes

Christmas movies are a big part of the Season for all of us, but in my house, Christmas episodes of our favorite TV shows have always been just as important. Watching the characters you invite into your home every week navigate Christmas mishaps or simply celebrate in their own ways is a joy and som...

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