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Nerdrotic Talks Video Games, Comic Books, Sports, and Jerry Seinfeld with Will Cain

Nerdrotic is giving the mainstream media the 411 on the 199. Gary appeared on today’s episode of the Fox News podcast The Will Cain Show, where he talked about the woke infestation of entertainment, Gamergate 2, journalism and its war with fans, and Jerry Seinfeld. This follows Gary’s appearance...

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FNT Las Vegas Meetup 2024

Las Vegas. The city goes by many names, from “Sin City” to “Lost Wages.” Either way, it is a place that has gone down in infamy throughout the decades. I’ve never been the sort to feel a pull towards a city like Vegas since the things that occur there are essentially the polar opposite of ...

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Social Media User Targets Mrs. Nerdrotic and the Critical Drinker’s Family

We all know “haters gonna hate,” but it still feels jarring when you see the extent to which some people will take that maxim. This past week saw the annual Friday Night Tights Las Vegas Meet-Up, and it looked like a great time was had by all. But that didn’t stop some social media malcontent...

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Shadiversity is Under Attack from YouTube

Is YouTube intentionally killing channels? Shad M. Brooks recently made a video on his channel, Shadiversity, describing his lack of subscriber growth in the past few months, showing graphs charting the downturn, which he attributes to YouTube not showing his videos to potential new viewers via reco...

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Chrissie Mayr Attacked After Comedy Show

Unfortunately, the practice of attacking comedians over their jokes seems to be gaining traction. On February 24, 2024, Chrissie Mayr, who is known for her edgy brand of comedy, finished a performance at The Dojo of Comedy in Morris Plains, New Jersey, and while she was attending a meet and greet, s...

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An Interview With Gary AKA Nerdrotic

Gary From Nerdrotic was only seven minutes late to the interview! Blabbering Collector: When did you decide to start collecting, and why? Gary: Oh boy! I started collecting even before I intended to! I was five or six; my mom bought me a comic book at a 7/11. She bought me Marvel Team-Up 42 because ...

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