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Of Games, Engines, and Culture Wars: A 2024 GDC Retrospective

Something is rotten in the streets of San Francisco. Excrement bakes into the asphalt as the light of day burns the refuse into the asphalt. Needles pile from wasted years of moral highs. The Game Developers Conference has wrapped. Elbow rubbed elbow and jerk rubbed jerk among the usual crowd playin...

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Culture War Update: A Glance into the Mirror as the Blood Splatters

The other day, I wrote an article that I’m regretting. Blood was in the water, targets were exposed, backs were turned, and I found myself driving the knife… It’s easy to get angry, to let the madness of the day fuel a building desire for revenge, to find excuses to wage war against those ...

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The Game Developers Conference: Getting to Know Our Betters

Video games are fun. We LOVE games, darn it! But do video games love us back? Let me tell you something you may already know: The world ain’t sunshine and rainbows. This industry is infected with haters, cowards, bullies, and activists, and they will beat us down and cancel us for eternity if we l...

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